Thursday, 22 May 2014

Zipper wallet and a foot massage mat

Just made this wallet for the lady who has requested the back pack bag I made previously.

Very simple with lots of liberty fabric!
I'll send the bag and the wallet tomorrow.

This is the special mat I bought recently for

a foot massage!
It really hurts when you try to walk on the mat,
but it will make you really healthy!!
I was massaging my feet with my hand, but
now all I need to do is walk on the mat for 20min a day!

This is a sparkling honey lemon I made yesterday!
Make honey lemon drink, and add a bit of baking soda (cooking type)
and it will make it sparkling!
Very cheap, simple, and healthy sparkling juice for you and for your family!
Drinking a bit of baking soda makes your body alkaline
and there was an article about how a man drank baking soda everyday
and cured his prostate cancer!

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