Sunday, 30 March 2008

Handy sewing box

I made this sewing box recently.

This is the French "cartonnage", where you make a box with thick cards,

and then cover it with your favourite fabrics.

For this particular one, I have used vintage feed sack, and European linen.

I have cross stitched 3 alphabets on the European linen, and patch worked them

with the feed sack pieces to decorate the cover of the box.

This is the inside of the box.

The lid has a pin cushion, small bin, a pocket for your scissors, and a tab

where you can secure your pen or a threader.

It closes with a magnetic button.

I used the magnetic button made in USA for the box below,

and found that it sticks too strong and made the box a bit hard to open.
So I am using the magnetic button made in Japan as it's strength is just right.
I am currently selling these two at the Yahoo Japan auction.
I have received two orders already, and they are both keen for their original cross stitches.
Hand made items are very popular in Japan, and I get satisfactory price
every time I put my items into the auction.
I don't think I will get the same satisfaction in the e-bay, but
once I settle with the orders, I may think about putting one onto the e-bay, just to test it out.