Thursday, 31 January 2013

Portable display shelves and print smear

I'll be having a stall at the St Hilda's Bazaar this May
and decided I need to have a proper shelves to display my work.
The shelves I made last time was a disaster, so I have designed a totally different type of shelving units.

The first shelf is this big step shelf for my big bags.

It can be folded flat and is very light as it's made by a light foam board.
I used the 5mm thick white foam board from Jacksons.


The second shelf is this standing shelf to display my iphone cases.

This can also be folded flat.


And the last one is the angled shelf to display my small purse bags.

It tilts a bit so it is easy to see all bags.
This can also be made flat.

All I need now is my sign boards and my bags!


I am making a collage to make an ipod case for my cousin
and came across the problem of

(Sorry, I just had to do it.)
Yes, Smear, not Smeg.
Although Smear is a smeg...

Moving on!

I found this great blog about tips on preventing smear of the inkjet printed prints,
and I tried freezer tip, but

terrible smear....

Then I tried the oven tip, and

still a terrible smear.

Well, only best thing  left for me to do seems "to buy a can of acrylic spray".

I hesitate it because it's not very healthy..
Spray goes everywhere,
And the can is just too big for such a small project of mine.

I noticed that I have a big roll of

and thought this may do the trick!
I ironed a small piece of this onto the printed paper,
then I peeled off the backing,
then, I carefully painted the mod podge.


No Smear!!!!!

I am so happy now that I don't need to buy a spray!
But before I go jumping around,
I have to test it with resin first.
I just hope it works!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lovely tote bag with hand woven wool fabric

This is the simple tote bag made with a hand woven wool fabrics.
They were hand woven by my mum long time ago,
and they were remnants from vests and jackets she made.
She sells these hand woven garments at Perth Upmarket. 

Anyway, I've sewn these remnants together to make this very simple tote bag
with a leather handle!
The leather handle is 4cm wide so is quite soft on your shoulder.

I love this side as well.
Very simple yet lovely patchwork of beautiful hand woven fabrics.
They are all from natural Australian Wool!

I've used leather for the bottom part.
The colour matches so well with the wool.

You can attach a strap on the side to wear the bag across your body.

The leather handle is fastened with 4 studs each to give it a character.

It has a zipper pocket and an open pocket inside.
I like to have a zipper pocket inside the simple tote to store valuables in.
The bag closes with a magnet hock.

The bag is on Auction Japan today.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

New granny boston bag with French fabric

I just made this bag yesterday, and is now on Auction Japan.
This almost dull coloured floral fabric became quite cute when I matched it with this blue grey Morrison fabric.

I made this ribbon charm to go with it
Hard to see, but I've attached the round charm I made with resin.
I'm currently obsessed with finding a green alternative to the resin,
and when I use up the resin I have now, I won't buy another one.

Back to the bag description!

The bag has 2 side pockets for your mobile, water bottle, etc.

It has pocket spaces on both side of the zipper compartment, and

One has 2 small pockets, and

the other one has a zipper pocket inside.

There are 4 gathered pockets inside the zipper compartment.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Rabbit collage iphone 4 wallet case

This is the iphone4 case I made for my friend.
I cut out patterns from the lovely Frankie magazine and made this collage.

I've coated it with the resin 2 times so is very durable.

I put the hock on this side this time to see how it looks.
This way, I can use the whole space on the other side to decorate.

I gave it to her yesterday, and was happy to see that she loved it!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Double zipper tote bag

Just made this Mum bag with a beautiful blue grey interior fabric.

The bag will be on Auction Japan from today.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Double zipper tote bag

I've made this double zipper tote bag on request.
If she likes it, she'll take it home tomorrow!

Both sides have this red flower.

Centre section with magnet hock.

2 zipped compartments.

Handles that are long enough to be a shoulder bag.

With a strap to wear it across your body.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Retro Japanese Iphone4/4S wallet case

I've just finished making this wallet case.
I love how it turned out!

The back side.

It's coated with resin, and so it feels like plastic!
Now in my Etsy shop!