Friday, 4 January 2013

Sweet Deco Wallet type iphone4 cover

I've made these 2 sweet decorated wallet type iphone 4/4S cover on request.

The model for this cute poodle is my own dog.
It has colourful chocolates, candy and strawberries!

They are coated smoothly with the resin, so it's very durable!

The other side has this window pocket for travel card.

And inside looks like this.

This is the second one, and it's a bitter sweet decoration!

With lots of colourful jelly beans!


Allan said...

I want to get information more on such covers. Can you tell me their price and how much would you cost for the shipping charges?

sen said...

Hi Allan, Thank you for your comment!This decorated one is AUD$35.00 and the postage is AU$11.90 to Asia,AU$13.70 to USA, AU$6.60 within Australia. Thank you!