Thursday, 31 May 2012

One more improvement

Few people commented that the oval opening was a bit awkward for the front button, so I've made it a half circle opening instead.
It's much easier for me to cut and it should solve the problem.

I've been working on the new version ipad case bag all day today, as I could not leave the house nor use electricity.
Our electric pole started firework this morning, and cut the cable.
It's all fixed now, but my heart stopped beating when I saw the sight...

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Upgraded ipad 2/3 case bag!

This is the upgraded version of the ipad 2/3 case bag, with the sashiko fabric for the flap.

I've used this gorgeous Meisen fabric inside.

The back side has been upgraded with the opening for the camera hole.

Just fits!

Side parts are sewn onto the base.

Flap as well as the hooks are sewn onto the base as well.

Opening of the sides will let you access all parts of the ipad.

I've added this tab at the top to stop the ipad from sliding out from the top.
It opens and closes with the hock.

I've inserted a card inside this bottom part, which has solved the problem of sagging with the weight of the ipad, and so the ipad will fit inside the flame exactly.

See, it's perfectly aligned now!
Also, I've narrowed side parts to 1cm so the ipad won't move around so much.

I'll be putting this ipad case bag in the Etsy shop later with the others.
I need to make few more since my Etsy shop is empty at the moment!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sashiko stitches

This sashiko is called "asa no ha"(hemp leaf).
It's very time consuming to draw the pattern as well as stitching it,
but very satisfying!
I matched it with a strip of Meisen silk fabric.
It will be made into the flap of the ipad case bag.
I'll be making more and am thinking of putting them onto Etsy shop.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Men's ipad 2/3 case bag - sashiko

This is the latest ipad case bag I made.
I've hand stitched the sashiko design "seikaiha" (blue wave?).

The big wave pocket at the back!

It closes with this leather tab.
Very manly!

More waves inside.  The back of the flap is also of this fabric.

I noticed 2 marks from the glue I used, so I have started the auction at a cheap price.

This is the second one I made with the same sashiko design.

A modern fabric to match the base colour.

I noticed  that I've stitched the male part hock up side down.
It closes OK, but it just looks a bit funny.
It's not that noticeable, but still, I've started the auction at a cheap price.

Monday, 21 May 2012

A shoulder bag with unique leather handle

I wanted to make a body bag for myself,
but it turned out as a shoulder bag.
Where did I go wrong???

An idea in your head won't always turn out as you imagined.

It has a zipper compartment in the middle.

There are pockets on both sides.  Very handy for your mobile!

And there are 2 side pockets as well.

Lot of pockets are what I like, but I still want my body bag!
Will have to wait until another idea pops up in my head.

I like the leather handle though.
I've used this beautiful dark brown leather, and hand stitched it on the bag.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Gorgeous rose tote centre boston bag

This is the second one of the "tote centre boston bag".
This time I've used this gorgeous yellow rose fabric and this black fabric.

The front pocket.

and the back zipper pocket.

This is the centre tote part with gorgeous yellow rose fabric.
One zipper pocket and a small pocket.
It closes with a magnet hock.

Very handy to pop in your water bottle, books, etc.

Inside of the zipper compartments.
One small pocket in one of them.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ipad case bag with the Liberty & a bag for Brompton

How cute is this Liberty patchwork!
Even my husband said it's cute. ; )

The back pocket is also Liberty!

This is the inside of the ipad case bag.

With my mum's ipad 2.
Funny but I don't have one yet. ; )

I just made this huge bag yesterday.
I just hate making huge sizes.
Hope this will be my last.

Very tough handle to carry a very big and heavy thing

which is...

The brompton bicycle!

It's wider at the top so it's very easy to take out or put in the bicycle.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gorgeous Rose Purse Bag

This is the latest purse bag I made.
I've used the interior fabric for the first time to make a small size bag.
It worked pretty well!
I just love this red rose fabric, but this is the only off cut I had.

You can use this as a clutch too!

I've added an extra touch to the bag with my hand stitch. ; )

It has a zipper pocket at the back.  It has about 10cm depth to it.

Look at this gorgeous fabric at the back side of the flap!
It has 2 gathered pockets at the front for your keys and mobile.

The inside is divided in two by this zipper pocket at the middle.
It has a golden lining to boost up your luck in getting more money! ; )

This zipper pocket is sewn into the bag to make completely separate compartment on both sides.

There's this cute tiny zipper pocket in the front compartment, with 2 pockets on the other wall.

In the back side of the compartment are 8 card pockets and a pocket to store your notes.