Friday, 28 December 2012

Sweet deco iphone 4 book type case!

I had been working on making this ridiculously cute iphone 4 case for loooong time!
The idea itself was ridiculous, but I just had to try!

It closes with this yellow tab like the other iphone 4 cases.

I've printed the background with the normal paper.
It took me 2,3 days to come up with the way to cover the background clearly with resin.

All the sweets and strawberries are hand made using resin clay,
and they are covered with resin on the background.
The cover feels like a very smooth plastic.

This is my poodle!  Made by me.

The back side has this handy travel card pocket.
This side is also coated with resin, but the pocket is cotton fabric.

The inside is as usual, made by fabric with the sewn on silicone case.

I just had lots of fun making it!
The case is now on Auction Japan.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

requested bag finished!

Just finished making this requested double boston tote bag!
Love this fabric!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Double boston tote bag with plain linen

This was a request by my friend.
She'll be using it on her trip!
Hope she likes it.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Made iphone 4 wallet cases!

Just made 3 iphone 4 cases!
They have an iphone 4/4S compatible silicone case inside.

2 cases are now in my Etsy shop, and the Liberty one is in the Japanese auction from today.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

2 more double boston tote bags

Here are the pictures of the 2 requested bags I have just finished making.

This was requested by the lady who will be a mother next month.
She wanted plain black with a bit of decoration, so

I've embroidered a pink flower on the front pocket.

There is a zipper pocket at the back.

The centre section has a zipper pocket and a small pocket inside.
It closes with a magnet hock.

2 zipper compartments.

It opens quite wide!

She had requested the handles to be short.

With a wide strap.


This is the other one requested by the lady who will be travelling soon.

See my catalogue for more information about my bags.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Double boston tote bag

This is the double boston tote bag which has 2 zipped compartments and an open space in the middle.
It has a zipper pocket on the front side, and

it has a leather pocket on the other side.

This is the centre open space.
It closes with a magnet hock.

It has a small pocket and a zipper pocket here.

This space is very handy to store your drink bottle, books, and snacks when travelling.

The two zipped compartment opens quite wide, so it's very easy to see what's inside.

The leather handle is 60cm long, and easily hangs from shoulder.

You can attach the strap and wear it across your body.

Size: W 32cm / H 23cm / D 19cm

This is a tote bag I made for my mother in law.
She just received it so I can put the picture on my blog now.

The other side looks very simple in contrast to the front side.
The bag is reversible, and it looks like

I used kimono fabrics mainly.
It has a zipper pocket to keep valuables out of site.

The other side looks lovely too!