Monday, 7 November 2011

update of my latest crafts

This is the mobile phone pouch I made for Zelkova's daughter.

It has a zipper pocket for coins at the back.

You can detach the strap and carry it in your bag as well.

It has a pocket under the lid for smart rider card.

This is the new type of my original granny boston bag.

It has a gathered pockets on both sides with a flap.

You can use the flap to attach the long strap.

I have also made few wrap skirts and tunics using Japanese fabrics
and other cotton fabrics.

The brown fabric with turnip is the "tenugui" I got from Japan.
It's the traditional item which was used from Edo period.
Tenugui is used by the common people to wipe hands,
face, body, to wrap it around the head, neck, etc.
It comes in many different type of unique prints.