Thursday, 30 December 2010

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

my new bag in my online shop

This is my new rakugaki design in granny boston bag L size.
I have used the Meisen antique kimono silk, and matched it with two different traditional sashiko patterns.
I have put the bag in my online shop.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Travel bag - granny boston

This is the black rakugaki travel granny boston bag.
Size: W 40.6cm x H 34cm x D 10-14cm

I have hand sewn on the magnet hock tab (black leather).

This is the back side, and it has a vertical zipper pocket and a free pocket for ID, travel pass, etc.

This side has a zipper bottom for you to open, and insert the handle of your suitcase.
It comes in very handy when you are travelling.
If you are using it as a pocket, just be careful to close the zipper before you put things in!

There are two side pockets for water bottles etc.  It will fit 500ml bottle easily.

The centre closes with a zipper, and it is made with no.11 hofu canvas so is very durable.

The centre compartment has 4 pockets and one zipper pocket.

The front part pocket has 2 small pockets and one zipper pocket.

Back side part pocket has a zipper that will allow you to access inside the centre compartment without opening it from the main zipper.

This small granny handle comes in very handy while you are travelling.

You can extend the side strap to a max and make it a short body bag,

or shorten the side strap to make it as a shoulder bag.

If you pull the side strap sideways, you can make it as a back sack.
Very simple, and very handy travel bag for you!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Left handed wallet

This is the wallet I made and sold 2 days ago.
I noticed that I have made it in the wrong way.
Normally, when you open your wallet, the tab will come to your right.

This opens like this, which means it will open upside down if you are right handed.
The lady who had bought this wallet was left handed, and when she handled it, she had told me that it feels right.
I had never considered how the left handed people are using things that are made for right handed people, and that is making things a bit awkward for them.
She has also never considered that there could be a wallet made for left handed people, and when she examined my "upside down" wallet, she was very pleased that it felt very natural to her.
It was quite an interesting discovery that I may go ahead and make another "upside down" wallet, and see if anyone else may be interested!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Waist & shoulder clutch

This is the Christmas present I made yesterday, for my friend.

It has a zipper pocket, pen holder and card holders inside.

This pocket is to store poo bags when you are taking your dog for walk.

The back pocket is for your ID or travel card, or a key.

The detachable strap can be made short enough to make it a waist pouch.

Or you can use it as a shoulder bag.

Monday, 13 December 2010

The bag with an image of Norway

This is my latest original "granny boston bag".
I designed this rakugaki with an image of Norway.

This is the back side, and it has a pocket for travel card, and a zipper pocket to store your wallet, etc.

Side pockets will fit 500ml bottle easily.

The bag will close with the leather magnet hock tab.

The centre closes with a zipper, and two sides are made into large pockets.
There are 2 small pockets in the front one, and a zipper pocket in the back one.

The handle is long enough to be used as a shoulder bag.

You can use the attached strap to wear it on your body like this.
Size: W 38.5cm, H 34cm, D 14-10cm
The bag is on Japanese auction from today.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

W tote Christmas Retro

I've made this Christmassy Retro type "rakugaki" W tote bag.
Why "W"?
Because it's two bags in one!

This is the outside bag, with 4 pockets and one zipper pocket inside.
It closes with a magnetic hock tab.

It has 2 side pockets for water bottle etc, and a zipper pocket and a small pocket at the back.

This is the second bag which fits into the first one.
It has two pockets with flaps, and a zipper pocket at the back.
There is a handle strap attached at the top to use as a hand bag.

This is the whole bag combined together.

The bag is on Japanese auction from today.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

My home and online shop

Since the Ulala exhibition, I have started to display my bags in the Entrance hall of my home.
It has always been our idea since we bought this house, as this area was unusually big.
Beside from my bags are my mum's bags, hand woven scarves from VectisOri,
and accessories and cards from my friends.
You can also view and buy my items on my on-line shop.

This beautiful accessory set is from Angel Beads (Ulala)

This hand embroidered pin is from Naoko  (Ulala).

And this felt pin accessory is from Mocca.

This is my recent "rakugaki" work.
I have used the Liberty and colourful linen and cottons.

I have hand embroidered "rakugaki" in Japanese at the back.

The centre opens with a zipper, and each side is a roomy pockets.

This is the second "rakugaki" work, with a beautiful floral print from Liberty.

Local person has already shown interest in these bags, and will be displayed in the home shop.
If you live in Western Australia, and are interested to see my bags or any other items in display,
please e-mail me and I will reply to you to arrange time of your visit.