Sunday, 28 October 2012

Another liberty patch iphone 4 case

This time I've used blue range liberty.

A camera hole.
4 corners of the case is strengthened by the stud.

The back side of the case.

Easy to use card case.

Inside is liberty as well!

This is in the auction from today.

Iphone 4 case with Meisen & sashiko



Iphone 4 cover #3 with hand stitched sashiko

and Meisen antique silk kimono fabric.

It has the camera hole and this single tab to close the cover.

It looks like this at the top.

and it looks like this at the bottom.

Very handy smart rider's pocket.

When you open the cover, it looks like this.

The top is open when the cover is open.
I figured that there's no way the phone will fall out from top when you're using it, so I made it simpler with just one tab.
(previous ones have two tabs)

A card pocket to store your credit card, etc.

Size: H 12cm / W 6.5cm / D 1.8cm
Material: Meisen antique silk kimono, cotton, linen, leather

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Patched Iphone 4 case



Very simple patchwork

with Japanese fabric and sashiko.
It doesn't show much with this smart rider's pocket.

Very convenient smart rider's pocket.


Card pocket

opened bottom and


and side.

and a camera hole at the back.

Just slide your iphone in, and close the tab.

Size: H 12cm / W 6.5cm / D 1.8cm
Material: cotton, linen cotton, leather


Friday, 26 October 2012

3 purse plus bags finished

Online shop is now closed, but you can always visit my catalogue to see my work!


I was working on 3 requested purse plus bags.
I've finished them today and here are the detail photos.



Material: Linen, cotton

It has coin pocket at the back as well as the zipper pocket.

This is an ideal size for coins.

I've used the print at the back of the flap.

It has 2 gathered pockets,

8 card pockets and 2 pockets,

pen holder,

a note pocket

and a zipper pocket.
You can store your notes here or in the above note pocket.

The inside is divided completely in half by the centre zipper pocket.

You can adjust the length of the strap up to 136cm.
Price AU$40.00



Hand stitched flap with the Liberty.

Material: Cotton, Liberty cotton.

All details are same as above.

Price AU$40.00



Material: Cotton, Liberty cotton.

All details are same as above.

Price AU$40.00

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

3 purse plus bags

I'm now working on these 3 purse plus bags on request.

Before this, I was working on making drawers for my work desk.

And, here it is!

It's not too big, and not too small.
Just the right size for me!

This little tray is an ideal place to casually place items I frequently use,
and the drawer stores pegs which I use often when making boxes and cases.

This drawer is great as it doesn't fall out even it's out this much!
My original idea!
Haven't done the inside yet as I needed to start on the requests as they are piling up!
Maybe I'll finish it later.

And this is the pincushion which is a must have!

I've actually made it pretty by cross stitching it!

Oh, the print cover which looks like the Liberty, is the Liberty,
but it's not fabric.
I colour printed the fabric and used the printed paper, so I didn't waste a mm of the Liberty!
It is coated with Mod Podge to make it durable.