Monday, 30 June 2014

Purse like bag with leather and kimono fabric

Just finished making this requested purse like bag.

The body is made with genuine leather,
and matched it with gorgeous Meisen kimono fabric.

The lid and opening are all hand stitched by me.
My finger hurts...

This is the inside of the bag.
Again, gorgeous kimono fabric!!
I only have very small piece of this fabric left... shame.

Has 8 card pockets, 3 pockets, one pen holder, and one zipper pocket.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Friday, 27 June 2014











在庫にある糸の色は; グレー、赤、白、黒、茶色です。


Big square zip tote with side pockets

Just finished this requested bag.
It was requested to be 40cm wide and 33cm tall.
Including the height of the side pockets, it is 37cm tall.

One zipper pocket at the back.
The fabric is from France, and is a good quality linen fabric.

There are small pockets on side.

The zipper opens both ways.

Two whole size pockets have magnet hock.


I'm now knitting a sock.

I had a very hard time knitting this bit, but I finally done it last night!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

4 way back pack shoulder bag with lovely floral print

Just finished making this requested bag.


I have opened the body parts of the jumper which I cut out the sleeves for my leg warmer.
I've decided to combine all other old hand knitted jumpers together to make my bed spread.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Gosh it's really cold...

I'm making this requested bag today,
gosh, it is soooooo cold!!!
I do have an air con, but
if I turn it on, my bill goes up really high,
so, I had to come up with an idea to keep me warm without using an electricity.

First wear this lovely snood scarf which my friend had knitted for me,

and then wear this hand knitted beanie which I have knitted recently.
Well it is not enough to keep me warm, so

I've disassembled this hand knitted and felted jumper I made long time ago for my husband,

wore its sleeves on my leg!
I know it doesn't belong on my legs, but hey, my legs get cold!!
I also wear leg warmer on top, and then my hand made boots
which is made of felted wool fabric with wool packed inside with a thick foam insole.

To finish it off, I wear this lovely hand woven skirt my mum made for me
and cover my strange legs.
Oh, and I wear a down jacket my mother in law got for me at UniQlo.
Hey, I just realised, I'm all wrapped up with gifts and hand made items!
That certainly warmed my heart!
Keep warm everyone!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Renewed samsung slate Pc and keyboard case bag

I have redesigned the samsung slate pc and keyboard case
by the specific request from the cutomer.
It took me a while to make them as we had the time difference.
When I'm up, it's nighty night time on her side.
But, finally the new cases are made!
Here are more detailed pictures that I couldn't put in Etsy shop.

This little handle will be very handy when you carry it around.
It is sewn carefully onto the case so is very secure.

To open up the case, step one, open the main flap,

step two open the side flaps.
(They are made larger by the customer's request)

step three open the whole thing.

The keyboard will be put in place by this corner metal parts.

It has a stylus holder that was requested also by the customer.

The corner frame of the screen has opening where there's side functions
so you can access all functions while using it on this case.

The back side looks like this when you fold the flap into a triangle.
It is secured onto the back with the velcro.

Voila, you are ready to work!

This is how it looks without the sample screen.
The top part is shaped like this to avoid the air vent and camera hole at the back.

This is the second one I made for her.
Just love this fabric!
All functions are same and few more pictures are on my Etsy shop.