Saturday, 7 June 2014

Tough little leather & fabric bag

This is the requested purse like bag I have just finished making.
It looks like only the flap is leather, but

its whole body is leather!

I have added white stitches on the flap.

It has this cute floral print inside.

It has a zipper pocket divider in the middle,
has 8 card pockets, one wide pocket for notes,
2 point card pockets, and one pen holder.

Very simple but tough little bag.


I have been a good girl and did some weeding yesterday.
My right arm hurts like hell today..but
here is the outcome!

So much cleaner!
I'm planning to make it weed free by putting weed mat and pebbles here.

This is another space that needs weeding, so
this time I weeded the area, put weed mat I bought,
and 4 bags of pebble on top.

And it looks so much tidier!

I still need 2 more bags to fill the rest though...

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