Friday, 28 August 2009

Pug wearing Kimono

This is my next ECOTAN, this time made with wool felt.
The felt gives it a soft fur effect so I liked using it.
This one is the Boy Pug wearing Kimono.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

ECOTAN in Etsy shop!

I have made a new ECOTAN with a Japanese fabric.

This cute Chihuahua is wearing Kimono, and she has a red flower ear ring
and a key chain ear ring.
She has a puter charm on her Kimono too!

She is quite cute as an accessary too.
This ECOTAN is in Etsy for few day if you are interested to have her. : )

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

teacup poodle and french bulldog

2 more new ECOTANs today!

First one is the French bulldog wearing a red shirt with an apple charm.
I have attached a key ring on its left ear which looks like its wearing an earring. ; )

The second one is the teacup poodle in apricot colour.
There are this toy poodle which is smaller than a normal toy poodle, and is called "teacup'" poodle in Japan.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

my original compact eco bag

I have created a very cute eco bags!

I always wanted an eco bag which I can fold away in a simple manner,

and have been trying many ideas that came up into my mind.

Once I started making them, new ideas kept coming up,

and I finally came up with an eco bag that I am very happy with!

And now, I present you with my original eco bag, ECOTAN!

These two are a present for my friends.

They are M sizes, and the bags are the same shape as a
normal plastic bag you get at the shop,

but is hand made by me using a cotton fabric.

This is the second bag I put on the Auction Japan, and the bag is the Large size.
I have bought this blank cotton bag here in Australia.

This is the 3rd eco bag in auction Japan, and is a small size.
The bag is a smaller version to M size, and have made it with a
cute floral cotton fabric.

This small size is ideal to use when shopping for small items,

or you can give it to your child to encourage help your shopping.

I am sure they would volunteer with enthusiasm, if they like cute dog characters!

Monday, 3 August 2009

my 3 new story bags

My 3 new bags with 3 cute characters.

Size: W 32cm, H 24cm, D 12 - 10cm, handle 47cm
* Fits A4 documents
* with removable shoulder strap (length adjustable up to 140cm)
* 40cm zipper which drops to both sides about 5cm for an easy access inside

The first one is a little girl who loves talking on the phone.
Her dream is to get her own mobile phone!
The patchwork on sides are all Liberty cotton.

The second one is a girl who was told to hold on tight to the balloon,
but couldn't manage it.

The third one is my favourite, and it is a child wearing a cat costume.
The patchwork are all Liberty cotton.