Wednesday, 29 June 2016

An ordered anti theft efficiency bag.

Just made this ordered bag.


I've also finished this simple jute yarn bag!
It's my first time making a bag by crochet, and I actually enjoyed it very much!
A bit sore fingers though...
I'll use this to carry my knitting works around in my house.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Much closer to the Swedish design?

Just remade my side table,this time with no opening on this side
and made it round.

Also I added this storage space as I needed to store my foot massage sticks.

I have to mend it a bit so this space won't appear at sides.

My ipad storage space became a bit narrower but it turned out better than before
as is the storage for my spectacle.
It was quite hard to make this round shape and I'll never do it again.
Well, I can't make it again as I made it without any blueprint.


Just bought this beautifully heavy book at Subiaco.

Every page is so precious and I'm having a great time reading it.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Swedish design? side table

Just made this cute little side table.

It stores my ipad in an angle that is so easy for me to pick up from sofa.

and it stores my spectacle here where it is again very easy for me to pick up.

This is to store a TV remote control but the top is in the way...
I don't know what to store here......may be leave it empty...
I used modpodge to finish it, and came out really nicely!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Anti theft shoulder bag for cautious lady

Just made this simple shoulder bag.

It has 2 gathered pockets at the front,

and it has a zipper compartment and an open space with 3 pockets.
You can store your purse inside the zipper compartment for an anti-theft purpose,
but you can take your purse easily out from

this back zipper

like this!

There are hidden pocket on both sides
so you can store your smart phone or keys etc here.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Really easy DIY chicken ham

I found a really easy ham recipe on Japanese cooking site called Cookpad.
I have never shared my cooking on my English blog before
but since it was so easy and that I found an English recipe
I'm sharing it here!
The English site is here

Just try it! It is just sooo easy and it tastes great!!!!
I have sliced one breast fillet ham and stored it in my freezer so it will last longer.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

3 purses and soap and floss

Just made three purses on request.
This French bulldog purse is so popular.
I have only small fabric left to make one more.

They are all in my Creema shop.
Sorry it is only in Japanese so I don't put the link on this blog., but if you are interested in any of my products, just contact me from the contact form on the top left hand side of this blog, and I'll make one to put onto my Etsy shop.

Since my most important job is the house work to keep my family happy and healthy, it seems I can only make so much to fill my Creema shop.
I still keep my Etsy shop, but I'll be really slow to update it with new items as I get more sales on Creema than on Etsy.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Zipper purse bag

Just made this ordered round zipper purse bag.

As requested, there are 4 pockets inside the front compartment with the flap.

Back side is the round zipper purse

and it has a zipper coin pocket, 12 card pockets, one wide pocket and one big sized card pocket.

Attach a strap and use it as a bag like this!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Shizuku shaped cartonnage bag / my new design

Other than doing every day household chores I was busy making my new design bag.
This is a "shizuku" (rain drop) shaped bag.
I have used this blue colour as it is summer in Japan.

I've added this unique shaped flap and a rain drop leather tab.

I thought having an ICcard pocket outside comes in handy,
so here it is.

The bag opens like this.
I had difficult time figuring out how to design this side part.
I wanted the side to be able to clutch together by having a protruding side
and now I know how to do it!

Since it opens quite wide like this, it is very easy to see what is inside.

And here is the smart phone pocket.
"Must have" in the bag of this modern world.
It will fit iphone 6 plus.

As you may be aware by now, I'm so into having an anti-theft function in what I make, 
and here it is.
A wide zipper compartment to fit your purse in.
This zipper is so easy to open as the bag is hard cased,
and it doesn't wrinkle as you pull the zipper as it normally does in the fabric bag.

The other side has 2 card pockets and 2 gathered pockets for keys, etc.

Attach a strap and use it as a messenger bag or a shoulder bag.
You can detach the strap and put it into your big bag as a bag in bag.