Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hard clutch accordion purse

Just made this hard clutch with cute spring like fabric!

But, the print on flap and the print below crashed.

Back side has this small zipper pocket.

It is quite roomy so

you can fit quite a lot of coins here.
It is a box type coin case so very easy to find the right coins.

I have added more card pockets, and now it has 18 card pockets!

It opens wide, but not too wide, so

it will hold like this when you open it as a shoulder bag.
Very handy!

Strap is made with the same fabric as the base.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

ordered iphone6 case and tests

I just made this ordered iphone 6 case with leather frame.

Has a leather pocket at the back

and inside.
The floral print is from the Liberty.

I was testing the zipper style coin pocket with  a scrap fabric yesterday.

First I used a nylon zipper to make it,
and figured out the way to make it work.
But then I realized I'll be using a metal zipper
and that will make things a bit different

I tried it again with a metal zipper.
I had to overcome miner difficulties but
I now have a clear view of how to make it.

Now I will make the first purse bag with this new design!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Box type accordion purse with a zipper

Just finished making this new type purse.

I have changed the back pocket into a zipper.

and it opens up into a box coin window like the previous one.

A simple patchwork to the front,

and lovely Japanese kimono fabric inside
with lots of pockets,

and has a tab on sides to close the gap.

It is all well made,
I can't sell this as there are few faults..

First, I'm not happy with how the zipper end looks.
This part is really hard to make and I have to come up with a better idea.

Second, I stitched the flap a bit out of line with the base
and so this misalignment.

thus shortened the other end a bit.
Very small misalignment
but I am not happy at all!!!
and unlike fabric bag, you can't redo it as it is glued on.

Finally, this crease.
I think it was made because of an extra fabric lining caused by sewing the flap on.

Well so many faults and such a long time spent on making this faulty purse.
Very sad indeed,
but I will try again!!
and one day, I'll put it on my Etsy shop!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Box coin case accordion purse bag

Just made this new version!
I just wasn't happy with the previous flap.

so I made this round shape flap.
It works great!

The front flap looks like this.
Very sweet with the french linen fabric.

Anyway, back to the coin case.
Look how easy it is to see the coins!

and the flap closes so easily with your fingertip!
It has a sewn on magnet under the fabric.
The magnet on the base is sewn onto the 1mm thick card
so it doesn't affect inside of the bag, but is really strong on the outside.
You can just use your hip to close it.
So simple.

Inside has a coin pocket (connected to the box coin door),
note pocket,
zipper pocket,
12 card pockets.

It fitted keys, hanky, tissue, and iphone 5 case.

It comes with a length adjustable strap.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Thursday, 12 February 2015

purse clutch with handy coin pocket

Just made this hard clutch in pink

It has 2 dividers, one a note pocket, and another a zipper pocket.
It has a small zipper pocket at the back for coins.

It is an accordion type so opens wide.

This back part is the handy point.

You pull the tab open and

A box type coin pocket!
Very easy to see what coins you have.

You can carry it as a clutch purse, or

attach a strap to use it like a bag.