Sunday, 19 January 2014

colourful and crafty centre zipper tote bag

I have just finished making this colourful bag.
I wanted to make a real fabric bag which doe not use any interfacing.
The whole body is formed using a thick no.11 sail cloth, so it will keep its shape well.
The girl and cat print at the centre is a pocket.

There's a zipper pocket at the back.
The back side is also full of colour!

The two sides are whole pockets, like the granny boston bag,
but the opening is protruding.

There are this small side pockets as well to store
bits and pieces.

There is the magnetic hock on both side of the pockets
so you can make it compact if you don't have much to carry.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Accordion type purse with sashiko and patchwork

Sorry for not updating this blog for a while.
I had been busy clearing up long overdue house hold chores.
They are almost done, but now I have few storage items to make for my new furniture!

Anyway, I was working on the patchworks very very slowly,
but I finally finished with the 3 gorgeous purse to go!!

And here they are!

They will be in my Etsy shop shortly.

Since there are no room left for me to put the detail pictures on my Etsy shop.
here are the detail of the pockets;

This is the note pocket which is right at the back
hiding away from peeping eyes.

These are 12 card pockets,

and a pen holder,

and the coin pocket which is connected to...

the magic pocket at the back!
It's handy when you only need coins!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy new year!

I had a peaceful Christmas and a new year!
My husband and I don't like parties, and we both enjoy creating things on our own.

I used all off cuts from last year's creations to make
these beautiful fabrics!
I am now adding stitches on them.

Just love creating fabrics from scraps!