Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Tweets in Japan

I am still new in Tweeting, and I only follow 49 people, mostly Japanese.

For a week or two, most of tweets are about radiation concerns from 311.
What shocked me most was the information about an abnormal growth of plants throughout Japan.
Once he tweeted about this blog, many people tweeted that they have seen huge cabbages, lettuce, etc, even in Tokyo.
There were once a lot of tweets about sudden death in places not very close to Fukushima.
At first I too thought it may be connected to the radiation, but sudden death may have been happening every year anywhere, and it's just came to people's attention because of the radiation concern, and this could only be coincidental. Then again, it may be connected to the 311.

One thing I can tell from these tweets are that Japanese people are concerned, angry, frightened, but trying their best to do something for their family.