Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My display units for the Bazaar

I am now making the display stands with this painted pine...

But, as you may have guessed, it's not real!
They are all made of cardboard so is really light to carry!
It is easily dismantled so is ideal for market display!

I have just finished making this stand, also with the cardboard.
It was really hard to plan it though.
I had to imagine it in 3D, try it in a smaller size using card paper...
I tried many different designs, and this is the end product.
It is very stable, and am very happy with it!
I'm going to make some more of these and then my preparation for the Bazaar will be finished!

Monday, 28 April 2014

3 ipad 2,3,4 case bags

Just made 3 ipad cases for the Bazaar.
These cases are for ipad 2,3 and 4.
The first one is with the Liberty fabric

and the back is simple linen/cotton fabric.

You can fold the flap and use it like this, or

use it like this.

This is the second one.

the back is simple dark grey.

And the third one is this beautiful French linen.

The back is green Italian cotton.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

A bit modified new carry spectacle case

I have modified the carry spectacle case a little bit,
and I am now happy with the design!
The tab I wasn't happy with has been changed into a leather loop.

And the flap closes with this cute drop shape leather tab.

I have changed the shape of the flap a little bit and made it back to 2 flaps from 3.

2 flaps can be folded flat when using on your desk.

When you want to put it in your bag after work,
insert one flap inside like this

and close the other flap with a leather tab.

The end of your glasses sticks out a bit, but

you can't pull it out as it is wrapped with the first flap.
I wanted to keep the height of the case a bit lower than the spectacle
because it is much easier to take glasses out of the case
when it's not completely hiding inside the case.

You can easily pick it up by holding the end loop.

The loop is so handy you can even hang it on your wall!

I have made 5 of these new ones for the Bazaar!

I'll be working on the ipad cases today.
From using the ipad case on my own ipad,
here are some features that I have found very useful.

I have the Ipad 2 which is very heavy compared to air or mini,
but this small handle makes it so much easier to carry it around.
When I search for recipes in the kitchen,

I always put my fingers through this handle,

open the flap

and use it like this, fixed onto my hand.
This way there's no "oops" incidents.

Also, when you carry it in your bag often,
the case will become more protective of the pad.

For example, see this ipod case used by my husband.
He carries it everywhere everyday,

and the case has curved the edges around the pod
as to protect it from harm.
My husband has dropped it one day, and it didn't damage the pod at all.
I am very happy with the functionality of my creations!
Hope you are too!

Friday, 25 April 2014

New spectacle carry stand

Just made the new version of my spectacle carry stand.
I made these more than 10 years ago, but stopped making them
because I wasn't happy with the design of it's lid.
Now I've come up with a new design, and I'll make few of them for the Bazaar!

The old design is this.
Very simple lid with a metal hock, and it has a D ring to attach a leather handle to carry it around.

I liked this design, but I just didn't like the metal hock inside the lid...

but with the new design,

It looks like this when closed.

You open the lid and it looks like three petals.

Pull them down like this and

use it as a stand on you work desk.
The inside is covered with a batting so it is very soft.

When you want to take it out with you, you just pull the petals up like this

fold the 2 petals inside like so.
The end of your spectacle is wrapped with these two petals.

and close it with the third petal with a velcro.

Because the end of your spectacle is wrapped with the petals,
it won't move around inside the case.

When you carry it, just pinch the little leather tab and go!

I made this leather tab with a hock so you can use it like this,
but, I think I'll change this to something else...

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Ipad mini cases and a bag

Just finished making this requested ipad mini case.

A camera hole at the back, and a small handle and D rings are sewn on to the base.

This is the inside of the case.
TPU back casing is sewn on to the base.

You can use the flap like this

like this.

I have made one more for the bazaar.

with the liberty "kate ada".
Love the fabric!

I have also made one requested "best buddy" bag.
I think I'll think of other name for this bag...

It was requested to have a wider strap.
I have made it 4cm wide and put a batting inside so it is soft on shoulder.

I have sewn the leather parts by hand.

This divided interior is the key to this bag.
You can store your valuables inside the zipped up section,
and you can easily take it out from the back zipper.