Tuesday, 28 February 2012

cute & sweet charms

This is my original charm made by resin clay and resin.
It's my toy poodle Mocha with juicy strawberry! ; )

I've coated the strawberry with resin to make it look really juicy!
Oh, and she's sitting on this delicious looking macaroon with rhinestones.

She looks cute from the back side too!
This macaroon is made with resin.

And, she's this small!

This is the second charm I made, again of my gorgeous Mocha!
I just can't make it all with same face, and that's what makes it so interesting.
This one's got her face on top of the strawberry, as if she's too tired to lift her face.

Her strawberry and jelly beans look so delicious!
I haven't had jelly beans for ages!

These beans are individually coated with resin.

And, she's tiny!

This one is my last charm!
I've hand stitched the Liberty, stack it onto cardboard,
coated it with mat coating, and stack beans, oreo, and Mocha onto it.
What was I thinking? using the Liberty?!
Well, I think it came out alright in the end.

Juicy looking beans!

Oh, and it has a pink oreo with lots of cream and rhinestones!

This is the back side of the charm.
It can be used as a brooch too!

It's the largest piece I made with resin clay.

And this is the latest bag I've made.
I won't go into detail with it as I've already described it in detail in other posts.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Tulip bag with Meisen

This gorgeous red fabric is a silk antique kimono fabric which I carefully unthread.
I matched it with the also gorgeous purple shade Morrison fabric.

This is the back side, and I have stitched this tulip shaped pocket.
It is handy to keep your travel card here.

The leather handle I used this time is of natural colour.
I think it matches well with the bag.
I've used the Australian belt leather strip.

A zipper pocket at the front.

Side pocket for your water bottle, ipod, mobile, etc.

Hand sewn leather hook parts which will allow you to use this bag as a back sack.

A zipper compartment in the middle.

4 gathered pockets inside the compartment.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

New style purse bag

This is my new version of my purse bag! ; )
I've used this beautiful tanned leather to match my original design of green drop.

Same leather is used for the attachment on sides.

This is the back side of the bag, and it has a whole length zipper pocket.

Hand stitched green drop and my name tag.

I've used pretty feed sack type prints inside for a contrast.
You can store your mobile, keys, travel ticket, etc in this front pockets.

There's a zipper pocket sewn in the middle to make 2 separate compartments.
On back side of this zipper pocket is a pocket to store your notes.
You can store your coins inside the zipper pocket.
There are total of 8 card holders.

This is the pockets to store your point cards in a bundle.

You can attach this strap to use it as a shoulder bag.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Requested bags finished!

This is the French linen bag which I made on request.
Since it's exactly the same as the one I made for the auction, I sold it at the same price as the bid price to be fare.
I always prefer to make bags with different fabric each time, but there are just few cases where I do make the exact same bag when requested.
It's only possible when I have the right amount of fabric left.

This is another bag I made on request.  I don't know if you notice, but it's Liberty!
The fabric is beautiful, but not very attractive to the eye, if you know what I mean.
It hasn't got the "Liberty" -ness.
But I love it anyhow, and the lady who have requested it loves it too!
Her request was "a grave purple based bag".
This is the back side.

1.5cm wide leather handle.
It's about 2mm thick and so is quite soft to handle.

A lock which will allow you to use this bag as a back sack.

Front zipper pocket.

Side pocket.

Back pocket, handy to store parking tickets, etc.