Saturday, 23 August 2008

more sewing boxes and a bag

I have made this sewing box, and

this sewing box together last week.

And this is the new bag I made after I finished the sewing boxes.
I am now waiting for accessories to put into the sewing box, so
I won't be makin them for a while.

This bag I made with using antique feed sack cotton,
and patchworked a small cross stitch of a bird.

The back side has a zipper pocket with a stamp of a dove.
The size is W33cm - 42cm, H 25cm, D 16cm, and so
is quite big. But you can make it smaller by fastening the button
on each side of the bag.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

sewing box request

I received a request for more sewing boxes, so I have started making them yesterday.
I have used the framing technique for this one as I always wanted to try it.
Normaly you frame an embroidered work, but I will do that for the next one.
The plain green fabric is the linen fabric, and it gives a natural feel of retro touch.

This is the inside of the box.
I will be working on bits and pieces tonight, so hopefuly I can put it out for auction tomorrow.

Monday, 11 August 2008

The bag with Laura Ashley fabrics.

This is the big size shoulder bag made with 2 types of the Laura Ashley fabrics.
Size: H 30cm / W38 - 35cm / D 12cm

One big front pocket with the lid is fastened by magnetic hock.

The back side has one zipper fastner. Zipper size is 20cm.

There are this side pockets on both sides, and it has a snap button so you can adjust its width.
If you carry a big water bottle like this, open the snap button, if you are not carrying anything, flatten it by snapping the button back on.

The handle is adjustable in length, so you can wear it short on your shoulder, or long.
It is on Yahoo Japan auction from today for 4 days.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Alice and the cat bag

This is the recent bag I have made.
It's my first attempt to do patchwork and quilting.
Instead of a pattern quilting, I used the normal embroidery thread and sewn a face of the cat and some leaf patterns on the patchwork.

I have also appliqued the stamped fabrics and a smily face of the cat.

I have quilted a clock for the back, and a different stamp of Alice is sewn in the centre.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Liberty shoulder bag

This is the most recent bag I made with the Liberty.

There is my work of the cross stitch at the centre.

This is the back side. It has the zipper pocket and a stamped french words and a tree.

This cross stitch is from Sajou. It is beautiful pattern with two love birds.

There are 5 pockets and a removable pouch inside.

This is the pouch, and it has 4 card pockets on both sides.

You can wear it short, or

wear it long.
It's on Yahoo Japan auction from today for 4 days.