Saturday, 31 January 2009

Japanese retro-chic rough bag - small version

Since I had received a request from e-bay member, I have made this bag which is a smaller version of the previous one, "retro-chic Japanese rough bag".
Some fabrics are same as before, but I have changed a little bit since it's not fun to make bags that are exactly the same.
The size is 45cm wide, 25cm height.

There is a 20cm zipper pocket at the back.

The strap is 5cm wide and is length adjustable up to app 120cm long.
There is one pocket inside, and I have used this retro-chic Japanese fabric inside.

You can wear it short, or long.
The bag is now on Etsy. You can access it by clicking on to the picture shown on left hand side of the page.

Friday, 30 January 2009

a small "granny boston" bag

This is the latest item I have made.
Size: Widest width 26cm, H 16.5cm, D 8~5cm, Height up to the zipper 12cm.

This shape is called as "Granny bag" in Japan (don't ask me why), but it normally does not have a zipper. The area where it's been closed off by a zipper is called "boston" in Japan (again, don't ask me why), and so I have called it a "Granny boston bag".

I have attached a tab with magnetic hock on top of the bag.

When you open the bag, both sides of the "boston" area between the front fabric has become like a pocket.

Inside the "boston" bag, there are 4 pockets in total.
The zipper comes down 2.5cm on both sides so it's very easy to see what's inside when you open the zipper.
The bag is in auction Japan as a set with my original fabric sanitary napkins today.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

teary bird bag

This is the new bag I just put on Yahoo Japan Auction.
The little red bird has a shiny brown button for its eye, and so I called it uru-uru bird.
"uru uru" means teary in Japanese.

This is the back side of the bag and I stamped a dove at the centre.
The fabric used at the back is the Lithuanian linen.

This red fabric is an old fabric that my mum had, and I think she had bought it as an Asian fabric. It has a stone washed quality to it and I love the simple pattern.

There is one 16cm wide zipper pocket, and a card pocket that will hold 4 cards.
It's quite useful to put your bus ticket, car park ticket, or point cards.

The strap is 5cm wide and is length adjustable.
The bag sizes are:
H 18cm, W28cm, D8cm at the bottom, and 5cm at the top.
It is opened by a 40cm zipper which comes down 7cm from the top on both sides.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Japanese print tear drop

I have made 6 tear drops this week, and I have put them on my webpage.
Recently my friend had found me an American site which sells many handmade items internationally, and is called "Etsy"
There are Western Australian textile designer registered in that site, and other Australian hand crafters. I was amazed how many hand crafters there were, and the quality is very good as well!
Type of items are very different from that of Japanese ones, but I actully like what I see.
I don't know how my items will be taken, but I think I will dare to give it a try!

I'm now working on the small bag, and was about to do the last stitch up when I received an order for 3 tear drops already! (Yeppy!!)
I also have to work on my sewing box page, so I may not be able to put my items into Etsy for a while.
Lots to do, but my hands are not working hard enough!
It must be because of this school holiday with my hubby around all day. ; )

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

bags into e-bay

I have put this bag into e-bay today starting from AU$20.00

It is the bag I made last year when I felt like playing with Japanese prints.
I can't sell it in Japan Auction as the Japanese print goods are not very popular there.

This is also in the e-bay today starting at AU$20.00.

Monday, 19 January 2009

a long sewing box

I have made this long sewing box by request.
This will fit 30cm long ruler and a large cutting scissors.
It has a removable sewing items on the lid.

A drawer at the bottom.
The top tray is removable as well.

I won't be making this same size again as is not a very balanced size.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Library bag with lots of pockets

I have made this Library for the request from one of my Japanese customer.
Her child liked one of the bag I made last year, and she liked to have the similer one but to use as a Library bag.
I have patchworked the feedsacks for the front pocket with one of my paintings of a girl name Dotty.

Inside the front pocket is a small pocket for pen and memo, or mobile phone.
It is fastened by the magnetic hock.

There is a 16cm zipper pocket at the other end of the bag to keep your keys, etc.

I have used this pop cute apple print inside, and put two large pockets on one side,

and a 20cm zipper pocket on the other side with a small carf pockets.
You can store your library card or your bus tickets, etc here.

The bag is on Auction from today.

Friday, 16 January 2009

I just put this bag onto Auction today.
The flat size is H40cm, W60cm, and I have used 50cm zipper.
The fabric I used on this bag is linen cotton, cotton, and linen, and I have done "kome"sashiko on the cream cotton in navy blue.

This is the two pockets inside the bag.

This is the zipper pocket inside the bag. The zipper is 20cm.

You can wear is long, or

wear it short on your shoulder.
I have made it soft, so it fits nicely to your body, and gives a rough look.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

retro-chic sewing box

I have finished making the "retro-chic angel" sewing box today.
I just love how it turned out!

I have used this cute floral fabric to add more retro-chic colour to it.
The fabric used outside is the datted cotton.

I have cross stitched on the pin cushion, and the scissor case.
They are removable by velcroe.

The top tray has a two compartments, and the bottom tray is a drawer.

The top tray can be removed for more handy usage.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

retro-chic angel

I have cross stitched this angel on a beautiful blue linen fabric I bought from Japan.
Quite expensive linen, but is ideal for cross stitching.
I was going to use only the off white colour, but then decided to add another colour to it.
The idea came to me while I was watching this Japanese drama on VHS.
This lady in the drama was wearing such a beautiful Kimono, and many of the scenes were so artistic, that it was very inspirational.
Most of the Kimono was produced by the modern design, but I first thought it all came from Meiji, Taisho era, when Japanese culture started to be influenced by the Western culture.
It has a retro-chic smell to it, and I just loved it!
I am going to make a sewing box with this angel, but at the same time, am designing a Japanese retro chic bag with lots of beautiful Japanese fabrics!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

two new bags

A happy new year!
It has been really hot since last week, and with the perfect timing, our air conditioner has broken down. And no one's working at this time of the year to fix it.
Well, now that we have survived these few hot days without using air conditioner, I think we have proved that the air conditioner is a luxury not a necessity!

In this hot weather, I have made two bags.
Not much but considering the temperature in my studio, I think I did well.

This is the bag I made using a scrap of hand woven woolen fabrics and dotted cottons.
I painted the red bird and stitched it on. It is the image of the wag tail.

This is the inside of the bag. There are total of 4 pockets.

This it the other bag I have finished. I drew this branch of the olive tree, which grow in my backyard, on the Lithuanian linen, and then done a Higaki sashiko all around it with the black embroidery thread. Higaki is the traditional Japanese fence pattern.

There is one zipper pocket, and a small tidy pockets inside the bag.
The leather handle is the one I bought in Japan, and is my favourite.