Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Laura Ashley travel bag

This is the Granny boston R Travel bag I just finished making.
It has a zipper compartment at the centre, and is sandwitched by the whole scale pockets, which is fastened by the magnet tab at the top.
Inside the front pocket are 2 small pockets and a zipper pocket, and in the back pocket is a card holder to hold 6 cards, and a zipper which allows you to access inside the centre compartment.

This is the back side of the bag and it has a small pocket and a vertical zipper pocket.
The botton of this back pocket has a zipper, which you can close it to use as a back pocket, or open it to use it like this...
Put the handle of your suitcase through inside the back pocket,
Close the magnet tab, and it is joined onto your suitcase safely.
I found that this function is very useful when you are travelling.
The centre zipper goes down 3cm on both side to allow an easy access inside.
There are total of 4 pockets and a zipper pocket inside.
The strap can be made short to use it as a shoulder bag,
Make it longer to wear it on your body,
Or, you can make it as a back sack.

Monday, 13 September 2010

My next bag

I am now working on the granny boston travel bag requested by one of my client.
I am using the black tulip fabric, matching it with dark brown linen.

I am using the tulip fabric for inside pocket as well.
I will be having a week off from this Sunday, so I am hoping to finish it this week.

This is the art work I purchased at the upmarket event at UWA yesterday.

The artist, Anthony Macleod lives in Freo, and I hope to see his work again in future as I fell deeply in love with his art.  It somehow touched my heart.

It is now hanging on the living wall where I can see it every day.

You can buy his art from

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Saturday, 11 September 2010

A double tote bag with Alice

This is the bag I just finished making.  A lady who works full time has requested a bag with a specific design.
1. She likes a tote bag with a second bag to fit inside
2. She likes the second bag with a zipper top
3. She likes a lots of pocket!
4. She likes Alice.

This is the outside tote bag, and the top 4cm can be folded down or up depending on your load.
and, it has lots of Alice on it!

This is the side pocket and it fits a normal 500ml water bottle.
There are also 4 more pockets other than these 2 side pockets.

There are total of 6 gathered pockets inside the bag.

The handle is long enough to swing it on your shoulder.

This is the second bag that fits inside the previous bag.
Obviously it is smaller than the previous bag.
It has a total of 4 pockets outside.

There are 6 gathered pockets inside.

It opens with a double zipper.

This is the two bag in one seen from above.

With the removable strap, you can play with these two bag in many ways as you like.
The bag is on Japan auction from yesterday.

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Shoulder bag to a back pack

Since the recent movie of the Alice in wonderland, there has been a big popularity of fashion items with prints that has Alice on it.
This bag is my new prototype to my granny boston bag series.
The back side of the bag has a simple pocket and a vertical zipper pocket like the one I showed in my last blog.
It will fit the ID or transport card, etc. 
This pocket proves to be very convenient when it is used as a back pack. 
Yes, this bag can be used as a back pack as well as a shoulder bag!
This is how you normally use the bag,
You can also wear it on your shoulder like this, or
Like this as a back pack! 
It is very easy and simple to change from back pack to a shoulder bag, and every one who has bought this from me have told me that the bag is just perfect on every aspect!
They even come back to buy more,
 but unfortunately,
I only have two hands. ; )

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

new trend in handmade bag

This is the most recent bag I made, and it may be hard to tell,
but the bag is made by using vinyl coated fabric.
The craft shop in Japan sells all sorts of printed vinyl coated fabrics (from Liberty as well).
I personally don't like the glossy coating, so I chose the fabric with out the gloss.

This is the back side of the bag. There is a simple pocket and a vertical zipper pocket.

The simple pocket will fit the ID or a transport cards (In the case of my Japanese client, it will be the Suica, or Pasmo)

The vertical zipper pocket will fit any valuable items like your purse.
The idea of these back pockets were originally from my other series of my recent creation.
I will introduce them in my next blog.

There are 2 side pockets to fit your own water bottle, or ipod, mobile, etc.

There is a wide lid to this bag so if you fill it in with loads of stuff, you can still hide the content with it.
There is a 16cm zipper pocket on this lid to keep you key, parking ticket etc.

The inside has 4 pockets and one zipper pocket.

There are 2 pen holders in one of the pocket.
The zipper pocket is wide enough to fit A4 documents.
You can fit magazines, documents easily into this pocket.
Since the fabric I used inside is vinyl coated as well, once you zip away the documents inside, you don't need to fear them getting wet from unsuspected rain!

The handle is hand sewn and I used the fake leather.
I normally use leather for the handle, but since the bag is made with a claim of being "water proof", I used the fake leather this time.
A strap can be attached to wear it on your body, and the length can be adjusted to your liking.
Unfortunately, this strap is made of cotton fabric.
The bag was on Japanese auction, and finished yesterday at a satisfying price!