Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Laura Ashley travel bag

This is the Granny boston R Travel bag I just finished making.
It has a zipper compartment at the centre, and is sandwitched by the whole scale pockets, which is fastened by the magnet tab at the top.
Inside the front pocket are 2 small pockets and a zipper pocket, and in the back pocket is a card holder to hold 6 cards, and a zipper which allows you to access inside the centre compartment.

This is the back side of the bag and it has a small pocket and a vertical zipper pocket.
The botton of this back pocket has a zipper, which you can close it to use as a back pocket, or open it to use it like this...
Put the handle of your suitcase through inside the back pocket,
Close the magnet tab, and it is joined onto your suitcase safely.
I found that this function is very useful when you are travelling.
The centre zipper goes down 3cm on both side to allow an easy access inside.
There are total of 4 pockets and a zipper pocket inside.
The strap can be made short to use it as a shoulder bag,
Make it longer to wear it on your body,
Or, you can make it as a back sack.

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