Saturday, 11 September 2010

A double tote bag with Alice

This is the bag I just finished making.  A lady who works full time has requested a bag with a specific design.
1. She likes a tote bag with a second bag to fit inside
2. She likes the second bag with a zipper top
3. She likes a lots of pocket!
4. She likes Alice.

This is the outside tote bag, and the top 4cm can be folded down or up depending on your load.
and, it has lots of Alice on it!

This is the side pocket and it fits a normal 500ml water bottle.
There are also 4 more pockets other than these 2 side pockets.

There are total of 6 gathered pockets inside the bag.

The handle is long enough to swing it on your shoulder.

This is the second bag that fits inside the previous bag.
Obviously it is smaller than the previous bag.
It has a total of 4 pockets outside.

There are 6 gathered pockets inside.

It opens with a double zipper.

This is the two bag in one seen from above.

With the removable strap, you can play with these two bag in many ways as you like.
The bag is on Japan auction from yesterday.

Cool things you can buy from Japan

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