Saturday, 23 April 2011

my new purse bag

This is a small size bag which you can use as a purse.
I hand embroidered a rough pattern on the lid.

This is the back side, and I kept it very simple.

I've used this beautiful floral fabric inside.

There are 2 front pockets.  They are gathered at the bottom
so they are quite roomy.

There are 12 card pockets inside, with a centre zipper pocket.

Friday, 22 April 2011

demand on enteral nutrients in Japan

These are the messages Naomi sent with a small amount of enteral nutrients she could buy from shops in Western Australia, to Japan.
Obviously, they were shipped by the fastest postage with a normal postage cost.

It's not widely known that there are big shortage of enteral nutrients in the disaster area of Japan.
The Japanese factory has enough supply, but
since the container factories were all washed away by Tsunami,
they are not able to ship out the nutrients to people. 

Taiwan has already supplied about 7000 cans to Japan,
however, they will be consumed quite quickly that
they are quite desperate for more.

People who depend on these nutrients are sick people who can not consume normal food.
Needless to say, their condition will deteriorate without nutrients.

Naomi has been collecting donation from Japanese people who live in Western Australia,
and has been buying and shipping what she could to the most needed places.

Abott Australia has considered Naomi's act, and has now joined with Americare
to ship supply of these nutrients to Japan as an International team.
They are now discussing the matter with the Japanese government
as the number of supply is enormous.

In the meantime, Naomi is working hard to get the information of the most needed places
and gathering the most recent information of the needs of Japanese people
as they will change as time goes by.

If anyone can help Naomi's activity, please e-mail her

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Smaller version of the granny zipper bag

This is the smaller version of the granny zipper bag I made yesterday.

Very simple, with no extra pockets at the back.

This side pockets will carry your 500ml bottle easily.
Very handy!

It has a zipper compartment at the centre, with whole size pockets on each side.

Back side pocket has a mobile phone pocket inside

and the front pocket has 2 pen holders.

Very simple compartment with no pockets.

Compare to the previous bag, it's quite small, but will charry quite a lot of things!

The handle is long enough to be a shoulder bag.

Very compact & cute!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

my new granny zipper bag

This is the granny zipper bag I just made yesterday.
It's now in auction Japan.
The fabric is Laura Ashley cotton, and used pig leather for the lid and bottom.

It has a small pocket at the back for ID or pass.

There are 2 side pockets.

It's quite deep and holds 500ml bottle easily.

This is the part I invented yesterday.
I wanted to keep the usefulness of my previous bag "granny boston",
but wanted the bag to look more like a real granny bag,
so, this is my new design.
The centre is still zippered, and it also has 2 whole size pockets on
both front and back side of the bag!

These whole size pocket will fit magazines easily, and
it closes with a magnet hock.

Because the zipper is not sewn on to the side
it opens widely, and is easier to get things in and out of the centre compartment.
The centre compartment has 4 gathered pockets.

It's quite big, and I just love the curve of its handle.

You can attach a strap and make it a messenger style.

This is the bag I made long time ago.
It's now on auction Japan for Charity.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

charity auction Japan

This  bag is on auction Japan, and is finishing today.
All money is donated to the red cross Japan (excluding postage).

This is the box bag I made last year.

It has one zipper pocket at the back.

There are 2 pockets and one zipper pocket inside.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Papillon shoulder bag, Large

This is my new creation, using this beautiful UK cotton!
The base fabric is linen, and the bottom to side brown part is the leather, which I bough in Perth.

It looks like a batterfly, doesn't it?
The centre is decolated with a leather strip and studs

This is the back side, and it has a horizontal zipper pocket.
It will be useful when you are using this bag as a back sack.

There's a pocket for mobile in the right hand side of the front pocket,

and there's 2 pen holders in the left.

There are 4 spacious pockets and one zipper pocket inside the bag.
It can be made into a shoulder bag

or a long type bag,

or a back sack!

It can be made into a really long back sack like this!
The bag is in Japan Auction from today.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

my next project

Even though Australia is (hopefully) going into Autumn mood, I'm feeling like spring!
This is the cotton fabric we bought from England long time ago, and I think I'll use this for the next bag.
Looks so "spring"y, doesn't it?
It's 1999, Authur Sanderson & Sons fabric.
Is it famous in England?  I see lots of floral fabrics by this brand.

I'm matching it with this linen.
I'm thinking of making a simple shoulder bag which can become a ruck sack!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Charity with love

There was a small but coloured article in the Western Australian yesterday, on page 16.

It's about the charity activity organised by my husband.
He is a Japanese language teacher in Mandurah, and has taken these students to Japan last year.
Since the students have been there, interacted with Japanese students, they felt somewhat personal about the disaster in Japan.
My husband, being a graduate of Phylosophy, thought a lot about the moral of many things.
He did feel that he needed to do something for Japan as Japanese, but also he realised that this would be a good educational opportunity for his students to learn about acting to change things in the world, no matter how small.

Children now a days are prone to dismiss everything with a statement "it won't make any difference anyway".
What kind of message have we, as an adult, been sending them to let them think like this?
It's true that the problem in the world seems just too big for individuals to do anything about.
But it's also true, that if everyone in the world give 1 cent each, that will sum up to be a huge amount.
Same can be said about any positive action you take.
One small positive action is always better than not taking it at all.
And if you keep believing in something, it will one day come true.
Just keep on believing, keep on trying!
This is one of the design the students have printed.

These are small donation from me.
My husband asked me if I have something to sell, so I made them last night for him to sell them at school today for charity.
All proceeds go to the Red cross Japan disaster relief.