Saturday, 31 May 2014

Double zipper tote bag with cute floral print

Just finished making this requested cute bag!

The front centre is a pocket,

and back centre is a zipper pocket.

The centre tote section has one small pocket and a zipper pocket.

I've added this tag this time

It's a pen holder.
My mum told me that the pen holder in a bag is very useful when you are travelling,
so I thought I just add it for this bag as the lady who has requested the bag
will be using it on her trip.

This is the inside of two zipper compartments.
One pocket in one of the compartment.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Working on the next request, and about my foot massage

I'm now working on the next request.
I just love this floral print.
There were less than 2m left at the shop
and I did not hesitate to buy them all.

This is the foot massage mat my husband and I use for healthier us!
It's not that we were unhealthy.
It's just that my husband fears getting sick. Don't we all.

So, I have tried so many "good" things, and finally found this mat
after my friend had taught me how to massage my feet using this Chinese method.
I've been massaging my feet and my husband's feet for few months,
but it was quite painful for my hand and I do need them to make bags.
So, I found this mat which was created based on the same Chinese method.

You step on the mat in few different ways to massage different spots.
It is so much more painful than massaging them with my hand as you use your whole body weight.
I wonder when these pain would disappear...
It says that it will take one month for 10 year old to be pain free, so it would take me...
yes, few more months.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Requested accordion purse bag

Just finished making this requested purse bag!
Very simple with black leather, with white hand stitches.

Back side with a magic zipper.

Inside is gorgeously Japanese!
Love this purple kimono fabric and its contrast with the rusty orange.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Joy of our life with home made things

I'm currently working on the next request, which is the accordion purse bag with black leather.

Here are some things I made other than purse and bags this weekend.
I bake muffins every week as my husband and I eat one for morning break everyday.
We used to enjoy eating cookies and snacks from shops,
but since we discovered about the trans fatty acid in so many of them
I started baking muffins at home.
I use olive oil instead of butter or margarine,
and use only one egg instead of 3.
Too much sugar is not good for you,
but we do enjoy something sweet with our coffee.
So we have this healthier sweets with our morning coffee,

and we have this home made cookie with our after dinner coffee.
This cookie is made with olive oil, a bit of water, sugar and flour.
I've added sesame seeds in it and it is delicious!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Double zipper tote bag in green with sashiko stitches

Just finished this requested double zipper tote bag in Green.

I've used different shade of green colours to make it interesting!

Very roomy tote space at the centre

and two zipper compartments on sides for valuables.

I'll be working on the requested accordion purse from today,
and then onto the requested double zipper tote.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Zipper wallet and a foot massage mat

Just made this wallet for the lady who has requested the back pack bag I made previously.

Very simple with lots of liberty fabric!
I'll send the bag and the wallet tomorrow.

This is the special mat I bought recently for

a foot massage!
It really hurts when you try to walk on the mat,
but it will make you really healthy!!
I was massaging my feet with my hand, but
now all I need to do is walk on the mat for 20min a day!

This is a sparkling honey lemon I made yesterday!
Make honey lemon drink, and add a bit of baking soda (cooking type)
and it will make it sparkling!
Very cheap, simple, and healthy sparkling juice for you and for your family!
Drinking a bit of baking soda makes your body alkaline
and there was an article about how a man drank baking soda everyday
and cured his prostate cancer!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

4 Way back pack shoulder bag

Just finished making this requested bag.

It has 2 type of handles.

There are 2 side pockets for water bottles etc.

There's a zipper pocket and a card pocket at the back.

The bag has 30cm wide zipper and

There's one big pocket and a zipper pocket inside.

It has a leather bottom with two studs.

The strap is length adjustable so you can use it as a shoulder bag,

or like a messenger bag, 

or you pull two handles from side to use it as a back pack.

Also you can use the second handle to use it as a tote.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Veg tan leather handle on hand woven fabric bag

Just sewn on the handle on this hand woven bag.
I chose this veg tan natural leather as I love how its colour changes as you use it.
I have hand sewn them neatly.

Just love it!!!

The bag will be in my mum's stall at the upmarket in June.
The stall name is Vectis Ori

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Japanese design bag for Etsy and hand woven bag

Just finished making this bag requested through Etsy.
I'll put it up in my Etsy shop sometime today.
Here are other photos I couldn't put on the Etsy shop.

Inside the back side pocket is a zipper pocket.

Inside the front side pocket are 2 small pockets.

there are 4 pockets inside the centre compartment.

I was asked by my mum to make something with her hand woven material

so I decided to make a bag.
It's not finished yet as it needs a handle and a tab at the end of the zipper.

It opens both way, and

it opens very wide like this, and has a very bright japanese fabric inside!
Both hand woven material and the Japanese fabric inside are stabilized so they should last long.

I have hand stitched a natural leather at the bottom.

Hand stitching the bottom of the bag is really hard...
My neck, finger and my eyes hurt!!