Friday, 30 May 2014

Working on the next request, and about my foot massage

I'm now working on the next request.
I just love this floral print.
There were less than 2m left at the shop
and I did not hesitate to buy them all.

This is the foot massage mat my husband and I use for healthier us!
It's not that we were unhealthy.
It's just that my husband fears getting sick. Don't we all.

So, I have tried so many "good" things, and finally found this mat
after my friend had taught me how to massage my feet using this Chinese method.
I've been massaging my feet and my husband's feet for few months,
but it was quite painful for my hand and I do need them to make bags.
So, I found this mat which was created based on the same Chinese method.

You step on the mat in few different ways to massage different spots.
It is so much more painful than massaging them with my hand as you use your whole body weight.
I wonder when these pain would disappear...
It says that it will take one month for 10 year old to be pain free, so it would take me...
yes, few more months.

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