Sunday, 11 May 2014

St Hilda's Bazaar and the last minute leather creation

Thank you all for coming to the St Hilda's Bazaar!
I hope you had a great time!
Since I don't go out or socialize a lot,
this is my only chance to get in touch with people
and see what's going on outside my small world.

My cardboard display were great,
and I only needed to take two Ikea blue bags with me to carry everything
including the display!
Anyway, it was a great day and I enjoyed every minute of it!
Thank you!!

This is the stall of my friend, Kodemari (Angel Beads).

I always use her soap, and can't use anything else now.
I should have bought the decopage soap too!

By the way, I made this leather purse in the last minute.
I didn't know if I can finish it in time, but I did!

It has the magic back zipper too!
I didn't put the little pocket below the zipper
as it looked fine without it.

The inside is this lovely print!
Makes you happy every time you open the purse.

It is carefully hand stitched, so I had to put the price up a bit...

This is the requested iphone case in red liberty.

I'll be working on the requested case and bags from today!

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