Sunday, 29 April 2012

My new bag

This is the bag I've been making this week, and the design is from the bag my mother in law was using on the trip to TAS.

It's so unique that it has this space in the middle to put things like water bottle, etc, and the zipper compartments are on both sides.
It was quite hard to sew the second compartment, and I had to finish it up by hand sewing.
Very interesting design, but not sure if I'll make another one.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

more hanging spectacle cases

I'm making more of these spectacle cases!
I've hand stitched on the linen fabric and

stitched Meisen on it as well.

Use it as a spectacle case, or

stationery stand

This is the third one with nice smoky blue linen.

A wavy linen on this side.  It's an accidental wave. ; )

For spectacle, or


I'll be making more of these, but will stop right here for now.
I have this urge of making the bag that my mum in law was using on the trip.
It had a really unique function, and I always stared at it.
Now, I think I'm ready to make one with a similar function!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hand craft after the holiday

This is the first item I made after my long Easter holiday.
Funny it looks similar to the bunny ears.
This strange looking object has a good purpose!
This bunny ears are....

A handle to carry this thing around.
This thing,

has a soft inside, with a fabric with batting underneath.

To carry your spectacles!

It doesn't have to be for spectacles, if you don't wear one.
You can put pens, scissors, paper knife, etc.

It can be hang up on the wall like this!

How about a wall hanging stationary box?

by senhouse

Materials: Meisen antique silk kimono fabric, antique cotton kimono fabric, cotton
Size: H12cm, bottom 9.5x6cm

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

summer dress

or apron dress?
I'm not sure which.
A very colourful one though.
It's for my mother in law.

Big pocket and an applique.
this pink fabric is the Meisen silk.

You can tie it at the back, or at the front.

Monday, 2 April 2012

balloon bag

This is my new bag with lots of gather on patchwork of colourful cotton and Meisen.

Don't know if you can see it, but I've stitched sashiko on the light blue cotton.

I've used this unique leather for the bottom
It has a 5mm thick foam inside, so it keeps its shape well.

A zipper opening for security.

Very roomy!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

City Farm and my recent crafts

I went to the City Farm yesterday with some of the Hinata cafe members.
City Farm is in East Perth, and they sell organic veges and fruits, bread, etc on Saturday morning market.

There was an organic cafe in the market, and the coffee smelled divine!
We wanted to have coffee there, but since we all had to leave early, and the queue was too long, we went home without tasting it.

May be next time!

These are my hand made oreos! ; )
I'll put it together with my doggy and give it as a sample to my husband.
He will be teaching how to make fake sweets at his extension class.
But first, I'll have to teach him how.

This is the massage pillow case I made for Tomoe.
This is one side, and

this is the other side.