Thursday, 21 May 2015

Travel back pack that turns into a bag in an instant

This is the first travel back pack I have ever made.
It is quite hard making a big sized bag.

Using this water proofed No.8 cotton canvas didn't help either.
And I stitched sashiko on it so...imagine my fingertip. Ouch!
Anyway, the flap closes with this hand stitched leather buckle.
Not an easy way to open but then that is what I want.
A back pack that is not easy for people behind me to open.

When you open the flap, there is a zipper too!
The fabric is soft, so you need to hold onto one side when you open it.

There is this deep gathered pocket on both sides.
It will hold water bottle, umbrella, even tripod (maybe?).

It has water proofed fabric inside.

This small handle is one thing that can not omit when making a back pack.
Without it, I feel back pack is incomplete.

This back pack is so useful because,
when you are in packed street or in train

you can just turn it into a shoulder bag in an instant!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Japanese patchwork sewing box

Just made two ordered sewing boxes.
This one is with very simple colour tone.

Love this inside fabric.

This is the second one, and is a bit wider.
It is with lots of colour!

You can see how big the second one is compared to the original size.

Monday, 11 May 2015

New strap for the smart phone hard case bag

I have added two of this smart phone hard cases into my Etsy shop just now.
One thing I was not sure of, and was confirmed by the customer at the event,
was this short leather strap.


I have changed it to the long strap.
This leather strap has 2 length capacity.

When you pull one strip like this

the strap becomes long

so you can wear it like this


if you pull 2 strips like this

and you make it short

so you can use it as a shoulder bag.

There are 2 of them in my Etsy shop now, and one ipad 2,3,4 case.
My Etsy shop will close again from mid June till mid July.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Thank you for coming!!

Hinata Cafe on Sunday was a great success!
Thank you all for coming!!!

I was just so busy preparing the place before opening that I forgot to take a picture of the stall.
This is the photo I took around 1pm.

The event was just wonderful.
We have had rainy moments, but it was mostly a clear, beautiful day up till the end.
My husband had shared the stall with me this time.
It was interesting to see which photo catches people's eyes.
It seems he had enjoyed the day as well!

I'll update the Hinata cafe blog with more details!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Light and compact display shelf for art work

Just made two display shelves for my husbands photo.

It will fit A4s and post cards like this.
It can be dismantled into a flat piece, and as it is made of cardboard,
very very light!!
Disadvantage is that it is so light that it is not suitable for windy outdoor condition.

This is the second display I made.

It will fit A3 photos.
Again, the back stand can be removed, but this time the box is fixed.
But it will be a good storage box for art work.

The faux wood grain painting came out nicely!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Japanese sewing box

Just made this carry box with indigo shibori died fabric and antique kimono fabric.
When I was talking to Trudi on Monday at the Hinata Cafe meeting,
I remembered that I wanted to make carry box with indigo shibori.
So, here it is!

This indigo shibori fabric is died by my mum, and this is the last one.

I'll have to keep this one for Trudi, but if she doesn't take it, it will be on my stall this Sunday!