Thursday, 31 October 2013

Iphone 4 and 5 case

Just finished this Iphone 5 case for Etsy shop.

This Iphone 4 case is also in the shop now!

More cases are coming soon!!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Requested purse bag with simple patches

This is the requested purse to go.

I have added this simple stitches to add spice to a simple patches.

Back side


A magical coin pocket from inside

through outside zipper

Friday, 25 October 2013

Purse to go with grey rose

This is the requested purse bag, "Purse to Go".
Thank you very much for waiting!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

4Way bag with Alice and the Liberty

Just finished making this requested 4 Way bag!
It's not in the English catalogue, but I think I'll put it in one day
as it has proven to be very popular with Japanese clients!
The front has a pocket with lid, and there are 2 side pockets for water bottles, etc.

This is the back side, with a small pocket to store smartrider, etc,
and a zipper pocket to store your valuables so you can access it easily on your side,
but not from others.

The bag closes with a zipper which opens

quite wide so it's easy to find things inside.
It has one small pocket and one zipper pocket inside.

It is 4 Way, because you can use it as a shoulder bag,

make the strap longer to use like a messenger bag,

you pull the straps from both sides to make it a back pack,

just hold onto the short strap around the bag to make it a tote.

Very handy when you are travelling!


Thank you all for liking my Iphone 5 cases!!
I now have these clear back cases for Iphone 4 and 5, so I'll start making them next month!
For now, I still have some more bags to make!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Ipad case and Iphone5 case in set

This is the requested Ipad case and Iphone case.

This Ipad case is made with a new design.

The flap has a delicate hand stitched embroidery and gorgeous floral print from the Liberty.

The back side has a zipper pocket

Quite roomy for you to store your pens, etc.

This is the new version of the camera hole.
It was an opening before, but this time I made it as a hole so the backing can protect this corner as well.

Inside looks like this.
Very simple as I used the plastic back casing.

You can remove the ipad by gently clicking it out from the top.
The flap can be used as a triangle head rest.

This is the Iphone case with the same design.

Lovely hand stitching,

Handy card pocket to store your smart rider,

I now have 6 orders in a queue.
I'll work on 3 bag requests first, then move onto making the requested iphone cases and sewing boxes.

Thank you for waiting patiently!!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

collage for iphone 4 case

I had a request for the collage iphone 4 case like

this one.

I managed to find the same background,
but it was impossible for me to get the same pictures, as I don't have a second copy of the magazine that I cut the pictures from.
So, I found a cute red pot and a flower prints.

Hope it's OK...

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Best Buddy Bag for peace of mind

This is the requested BB Bag.
I use the same type bag everyday, because I love it's function so much!

It looks normal from outside.
A simple bag with a flap, and a zipper pocket at the back.

It has two gathered pockets under the flap,

And a compartment inside has 3 small pockets, and,
OH! a zipper compartment at the back!
You can store your valuables inside this compartment
so even the pick pocket manages to open the flap,
he still needs to open this zipper, and this extra task will hopefully deter him.

But this double protection is only for unwanted hands.
To you, it is your best buddy, because

Only you can access the valuables easily from this back zipper!!

Purple colour combination

The right purple is the Italian linen, and the right floral print is the Liberty.
Just uploaded this picture to show it to my client.