Friday, 11 October 2013

Handsome stripe traveler's granny boston bag

Just finished it today, and is ready to ship!!

The back side has a small pocket and a zipper pocket, which are hiding in stripes.

Centre is the large zipper compartment which opens both way,
and has whole size pockets on both sides.

There are also side pockets for water bottle, etc.

Inside zipper compartment are 4 pockets and one zipper pocket,
and one zipper access way connecting it to the outside pocket.

The back pocket has a zipper at the bottom where you can open it to

fit it onto the handle of your suitcase!
Very handy when you are travelling with a suitcase.


This requested bag was originally made 3 years ago, and so I haven't been making this for a long time.
The lady who had put the request in was searching on the internet and found my old blog about this bag, and put in a request.
It made me reconfirm how effective the blog can be when you upload the right thing.
It also made me realise that I need to make more detailed notes on all my items, as I do forget what I used to make, in detail.
There are always lessons to be learnt.

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