Friday, 18 October 2013

Ipad case and Iphone5 case in set

This is the requested Ipad case and Iphone case.

This Ipad case is made with a new design.

The flap has a delicate hand stitched embroidery and gorgeous floral print from the Liberty.

The back side has a zipper pocket

Quite roomy for you to store your pens, etc.

This is the new version of the camera hole.
It was an opening before, but this time I made it as a hole so the backing can protect this corner as well.

Inside looks like this.
Very simple as I used the plastic back casing.

You can remove the ipad by gently clicking it out from the top.
The flap can be used as a triangle head rest.

This is the Iphone case with the same design.

Lovely hand stitching,

Handy card pocket to store your smart rider,

I now have 6 orders in a queue.
I'll work on 3 bag requests first, then move onto making the requested iphone cases and sewing boxes.

Thank you for waiting patiently!!

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