Monday, 7 October 2013

Traveler's granny boston bag

Just finished this requested bag in RED.
My eyes are watering after working with it...

This is the back side.

It has this handy zipper pocket and small pocket for smart rider card.

There are side pockets to store your water bottles, etc.

There are these two roomy whole sized pockets on both side of the zipper compartment.

In the front one are these two small pockets and one zipper pocket,

and in the back one is this wide zipper which you can use

to access inside the centre compartment!!

The bottom of this back pocket opens with a zipper so you can

put it through the handle of your suitcase!
Very handy when you are travelling with the suitcase.

There are 4 pockets and one zipper pocket inside the centre compartment.

You can use it as a shoulder bag,

messenger bag, or

as a back pack!

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