Tuesday, 25 October 2011

handy ipad2 cover

This is the ipad2 cover I was asked to make by my husband.
He bought 3 ipad2s for his Japanese class at his high school.
(Lucky kids!)

This is the prototype, and I put a pocket at the back of the lid just to see how it fits.
My husband didn't like the pocket so I won't put it on the others.
Ipad2 is fixed to the base by elastic bands on 4 corners.

There's a pocket beneath the base like this.
This is the request made by my husband.
What you do with this pocket is ...

Take your pen case like this one, and

put it inside the pocket like this, and ..

Ta daa!
The ipad tilts in an angle that's just right for you to use!

You can leave the pen case in the pocket and carry it together with the ipad like this!

This is the girly type with a cute Japanese print.

I've used this nice blue green for the inside.

This is the last one, and I've used this traditional Japanese fish character fabric

and matched it with the traditional square print.

Very original ipad2 cases for you!