Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Matryoshka story bag

This is a very small purse bag.
Size: W 25-19cm, H 15cm, D 5cm
The leather handle can be taken off if you want to store it in the bag.

The bag has a story of Matryoshka and a mischievous deer.
Deer in Japanese is "shika", that it thinks it's also a part of Matryoshka.
So it somehow takes the place of third Matryoshka, and pretends that it's the third Matryoshka.

This is the back side of the purse where you find the third matryoshka, looking surprised and displeased.

I have cross stitched a deer on the side just for an accent.
I will put this bag in Etsy until 7 May as I will put it in Japanese Auction from 7th.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

This is my new bag with my new idea : )
It has a story to its front pocket.
My first story is this shy boy and his new friend.
Boy's name is Loui, and he has a true black hair with a bit shy nature.
He loves sketching so he goes out to sketch in a hill and meets with his new friend.
He names it "Shiro"(means white in Japanese. Very typical name to put on a white dog).

I have hand stitched the bottom of the bag just for an extra character.

The front pocket is fastened with velcroe.

It has 4 deep pockets inside.

The zipper comes down a bit to allow more easy access to inside.

The bag is on Auction from today.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

soft casual shoulder bag

This is the new type of shoulder bag to use casually.
I have used quilt batting all over so it's very soft outside and inside.
Even pockets and the handle has a batting inside.

This is the back side of the bag.

This is the inside of the backside pocket, and it has 3 card pockets, and is fastened by velcroe.

The front pocket is also fastened by velcroe.

This is the inside of the bag, and it has a zipper pocket on one side, and one pocket with velcroe on the other side.

The bag is on auction from today.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

a new face

It's a seagal in freo. : )
I always love how they fight for chips, and I though I just make it a character of my new bag.
The design of the bag will be very casual with lots of pockets.
I will be working on it today.

Monday, 13 April 2009

granny boston bag L size

This is the latest bag I have made for a request.

I have hand knitted the white motifs. ;)

Saturday, 11 April 2009

New bags in 2 sizes

This is the latest bag I have made for Auction.
It is the same pattern as the last one I made, so I only post the front picture.

The second one I made for Auction is the smaller version, which is the same as the one I made for myself.

This front pocket is divided into half at the centre.
Very handy to store parking tickets, etc.

The side pocket fits your ipod or mobile phone, and has a flap with velcroe for security.

There are 4 pockets inside, and has a bottom board inside which can be removed.

The strap is length adjustable to shoulder length, to

body length.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

from Etsy to the gallery

I have just deleted all my items from Etsy as I was offered to display them in the Gallery in Sydney. Hope they get more attention there!
I will try and make more bags for Etsy shop, but it is hard to create bags both for Etsy and for Auction...

Monday, 6 April 2009

new bags for this week

This is the latest "granny boston bag M" I just made.

It has a side pockets with a velcroe flap,

The centre is zipper bag, and both sides functions as a pocket.

This is the inside of the zipper bag, and it has 4 pockets.

The crochet is hand knitted by me. : )

I also made this cute girls library bag.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

a larger crescent moon bag

This is a larger version of my crescent moon bag.
Size: 42cm wide, 28.6cm heigh, 12cm deep.

This front pocket is divided into two at the middle.

The side pocket can fit 600ml bottol.

It has a lid with velcroe for security.

There are 4 inside pockets.

and I have made a bottom sheet with a 1mm thick card.

You can wear it short on your shoulder, or

wear it long like this.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

cute library bag with white rabbit

I had 2 good news at once last week.
One is that my cousin is having a 2nd baby, and the second is that my husband's cousin is also pregnant!

The news had inspired me to make a bag for children, and since its almost Easter, I have made a cute pink Library bag with a white rabbit.

It has a front pocket which is fastened by velcroe.

There is a zipper pocket on one side,

and a pocket for mobile phone, and stationary on the other side.

This is a name tag, and there is a window pocket at the back to insert your name card.