Thursday, 19 November 2009

antique Hungarian Linen bag

my new bag is created using a hand dyed antique Hungarian linen and an antique silk Kimono fabric. It can be carried on your shoulder, on your body, or on your back.

There is one large pocket with velcore inside.

a 30cm zipper pocket at the back side.

a pocket at the front side.

side pocket with lid on both sides.

Size: H 30cm, W 32cm, D 12cm
strap length 145cm max
material: antique Hungarian linen, silk Kofu(antique kimono), linen
It is on Auction Japan for 5 days from today, ending Tuesday night.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

new items

A french bulldog, the travellor.
It carries an eco bag, and it will hide in a pocket when you are using the ecobag, like below.

It can be taken off from the eco bag when you want to wash the bag.
It's on Yahoo Japan Auction.

These 3 bags and others are now sold in my Japanese web page.
You can view it by going to the "SHOP", and clicking onto the image.
If you like to purchase it, please contact me at