Sunday, 30 June 2013

Details of a tulip bag

Side pocket.

Front zipper pocket

Back curved pocket and a card pocket.

2 pockets and one curved pocket.

one zipper pocket

2 pockets.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Accordion purse type bag

Just added this bag into my Etsy shop as it has been empty for long time.
Here are some photos and details I couldn't put into the Etsy shop.

You can adjust the strap so you can wear it like this.

This is the pen holder.

This is the coin pocket which you can access through

back pocket!
It is handy when you only need coins, like paying for parking tickets.

Canvas bag for brompton now on Etsy shop

Here are the detail photos of the bag which I just put in my Etsy shop.
This shoulder strap is

length adjustable with this metal parts.

This is how it looks with a longer strap.

It has a shoulder pad with a 5mm thick foam inside.

Very soft on your shoulder.

The side pocket will fit your water bottle.

The pocket closes with this button when you aren't carrying a bottle.

The bag closes with a zipper,

This is the inside of the bag.

The lid closes to this 2 level buttons so you can close it tight when you are not carrying much.

I used a leather for the bottom of the bag.
Two tapes with 2 level buttons extend from front to the back,
and are secured with studs.

At the back of the bag, there is a pocket to fit this standard size carrier frame.

It is positioned by closing the buttons at the bottom.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

working on new items and requests

Sorry I haven't been updating the blog for a while.
I am still making things, but was busy making the requested items and sample of my new items.
I am making a big bag for the brompton,, but I'm now waiting for the parts I need to complete the bag.

In the meantime, I was making the followings;

Large zipper purse!
I had a request for a purse which will fit the passport, but not as big as my purse bags.
Since my purse bags are with lid, I decided to make this zipper one.

It has 12 card pockets, one divider for notes, and a zipper coin pocket.

My client was happy with my sample, so she has ordered this one and,

this one.

After seeing the above purse, my friend has asked me if I can make a smaller one.
So, I measured what she was using, and made it a bit smaller.

And this is the first piece.
I put a leather at the bottom.

This is the back side of the purse.

When you compare the above two sizes,

you can see how small the 2nd one is.

It's narrower too!

It has 8 card holders, and

a zipper coin pocket with wide opening.

Other than the purses, I was making the followings on request.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Making drawers with cardboards

Sorry for not updating with new items, but I had been busy organising my work space past few days.

I made these drawers for the storage unit I bought at officeworks, and

these drawers to fit into my Ikea cabinet.
I added additional shelves inside each cubicle with a double layered card boards, and made these drawers with card boards as well.
Since I used my old stock of card boards, they cost me nothing!  Only my time.

This desk top shelf unit is made with the straw board I bought at Jacksons.
It's so much easier now to pick my tools up while working.

And this is the unique shelf I created today with card boards and straw boards.

This box with lid will store my digital camera inside with a hole to allow the cord connection.
This shelf is used

like this.
It comes right above the screen!
It's so much tidier and convenient, that I am sure it will improve my work!