Thursday, 17 December 2009

four eco bags

These are all ecobags! I made them for my friend's family.
Light blue dot is for her son, floral ones are for her daughter and her self, and the brown one is for her husband (if he uses it).

The fabric I used for the bag is same for all four, and is a very simple stripe fabric.
It was fun making the ecobags, but got quite tired after making four at once.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

sweeeet bag

My new bag in the HP is this sweet bag with a cute character "Kigurumi-chan".
The white fur = rich cream
Brown fake leather = bitter sweet chocolate
Pink Liberty fab = strawberry cream sponge cake
With a big juicy strawberry accessary.
Now I have a big craving for a sweet creamy cake!

Monday, 14 December 2009

my weekend eco crafts

I had one little Jonny left, so I made it into a fridge magnet.
I always keep those fridge magnet calenders the real estate sends us, so I could reuse it to make a cute fridge magnet from them. It's a kind of recycling!

This is my new character. Shiba inu.
My friend has this cute Shiba inu, and one of its photo was just sooo cute, I drew it on paper and made this character. I will use it for the ecobag pouch, and will give it to my friend.
I think I'll make a set of 4 for all her family to use, and hopefully it will encourage her children to use the ecobag everytime!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

my new bags

Here are my new creations.
This one with a textured sashiko linen is in my HP.
The next one with the Liberty frill is also new in my HP.

This one with a fur and leather is for people having a winter Christman.
This is in the Japan Auction.

Friday, 11 December 2009

my recent work

This is the coaster set I made recently.

This is the set of placemats.

This is the recent bag I made.
They are all in the auction.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

antique Hungarian Linen bag

my new bag is created using a hand dyed antique Hungarian linen and an antique silk Kimono fabric. It can be carried on your shoulder, on your body, or on your back.

There is one large pocket with velcore inside.

a 30cm zipper pocket at the back side.

a pocket at the front side.

side pocket with lid on both sides.

Size: H 30cm, W 32cm, D 12cm
strap length 145cm max
material: antique Hungarian linen, silk Kofu(antique kimono), linen
It is on Auction Japan for 5 days from today, ending Tuesday night.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

new items

A french bulldog, the travellor.
It carries an eco bag, and it will hide in a pocket when you are using the ecobag, like below.

It can be taken off from the eco bag when you want to wash the bag.
It's on Yahoo Japan Auction.

These 3 bags and others are now sold in my Japanese web page.
You can view it by going to the "SHOP", and clicking onto the image.
If you like to purchase it, please contact me at

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

rough Japanese modern bag

This is the bag I just made using linens and Kofu (old Kimono fabric).
I have put different fabrics together, and added character with my sashiko.
Size: H 39cm, W 33, D 16

It has a 30cm zipper pocket at the back side, and it has a small pocket inside it.

There are 2 small pockets with a lid on each side to store small items like parking ticket, mobile, i pod, etc.
The bag is opened by a long zipper which is open on both ends.
It has total of 6 pockets and one zipper pocket inside.
You can wear it on your shoulder, or use the strap to hang it on your body.
The bag is on Auction Japan from today.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

My new bag with the Liberty

I made this rather large bag with pure linen fabrics and the Liberty fabric.
I have added an extra touch with Sashiko.
The flap is fastened by the magnet hock, and there is one wide pocket under the flap.

This is the back side, and it has one pocket with a zipper pocket inside.
The hock at the top of the bag is to be used to make it a back sack.

Hook it onto the ring attached to the strap like shown above.

This is how it looks when used as a back sack.

Or you can use is as a shoulder bag.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

What's with Wasabi?

This is my new ecotan with a french bulldog. :)

I was bombarded with the requests for my granny boston bag,
so I will be working on the bags for a while.
I have started with the first request, with the cross stitch N.
I am using the French cotton of STOF.

I have a nice tip for the Aussies who love our new chips "Grain Waves"!
Get this original one,

Buy Wasabi tube,

Put it on,

and eat it!
Even young kids love it, so see if you like it too!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Chihuahua Ecotan

This is my new ECOTAN!
I put it on Japanese Auction 2 days ago, and it proved to be very popular!

I have also sent 3 of them in different sizes to the gallery in Sydney, and two of them were sold on the day they were displayed on the shelf!
Very encouraging!
I better get on and make more!

Friday, 25 September 2009

puppy pug ECOTAN!

This is my new ECOTAN with a puppy pug!
The bag is made with Japanese fabric.
I just love how the puppy sits inside the pocket!

It becomes a key ring accessary to put on your bag!
This one is in Etsy shop until 2nd October.

Monday, 21 September 2009


I had been re-designing the ECOTAN again, and this is the new ECOTAN I just put on Jap auction. The puppy has a bigger face, and the pocket is now deeper, and it has a key ring.

The phrase from the puppy reads "Don't forget the milk".
An ideeal phrase for food shopping!

This is my new pug with cuter face! Looks more like a puppy.
Pug was the hardest character to create!

This is the French bulldog puppy, and am shipping this to Sydney.

This chihuahua small size will be shipped to Sydney as well.
I will work on more of these new ECOTANs, but I am currently house hunting, and it may take a while for me to make them.