Friday, 30 January 2015

a cute cartonnage clutch

I just wanted to see if I can make a clutch bag with cartonnage techinique,
and here it is!

A cute tear drop shape.

I have added 4 card pockets,

a pocket for note, 

another 4 card pockets on the other side,

and a small zipper pocket inside this clutch so
you can use like a purse.

You can attach this small strap

and make it a shoulder bag,

(looks like this in a different angle)


attach a longer strap and

make it a messenger type bag.

or just use it as a clutch!
It is very solid so don't hit your boyfriend with it. ; )

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Back pack but messenger bag too.

This is my new design back pack bag called "penta".
I just love this funny shape, and it is so efficient and
very very safe with it's anti theft functions.

This is the back side.
It's whole size pocket on the outside layer.

This is the double side zipper hiding under this flap,
and as you can see, it is on the back side, not on the front side like normal back pack.

Inside this whole size pocket is one zipper opening which, as always,
is connected inside the inner zipper pocket.

There is this unique side pocket for your water bottle.
The flap has a whole in the middle so you can store long bottle too.

I kept the inside very simple with only one zipper pocket.

Inside this zipper pocket is one small pocket which you can store your passport, etc.

There is this small handle with a leather and

you can hold it like a tote, or

pull the strap on one side and make it a shoulder bag,

or make the strap longer and use it like a messenger bag, or

pull straps both way from the middle and make it a back pack.

Monday, 26 January 2015

persimmon dyed linen bag

Just made this bag using persimmon dyed antique Hungarian linens.
This persimmon dye will make the brown darker as it gets more sun light.

There is this hidden zipper pocket.

Side bottle pocket with water proof lining inside.

Back side has 2 pockets and a zipper opening.

You put your purse from the zipper opening and
it will be stored inside an inner zipper pocket.

The bag will open both ways with this zipper,

and it has one small size zipper pocket,
2 small pocket and,

a whole size zipper pocket which you just put your purse in from the back zipper opening.
I have added one small pocket inside it to store your passport.

Tote handle is made with leather.
It is all hand stitched.

Use it as a tote,

attach a strap to make it a shoulder bag,

messenger bag, or

a back pack.

Monday, 19 January 2015

4 way back pack shoulder bag for travellors

Just made this country chic travel bag.

Back side has 2 big pockets and a zipper.

Front part has this cute dog label pocket with a leather flap.

There are two side pockets, and one side has this cute dog label print.
The pocket is wide enough to carry your water bottle.

The bag opens with a zipper.

If you have lots to carry, you can pull it up to make more room.

There are 1 zipper pocket, 1 whole size zipper pocket (which is connected to the back zipper),
and 2 small pockets inside.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Ordered anti theft bag

Just made this ordered bag.

It has a leather strap as requested.

and this back zipper opening is connected to


zipper compartment.
You can take your purse out easily from back zipper,
but it's hard for others to pick it out from the main opening.

There are 3 pockets in the open compartment.
I have used this beautiful liberty fabric as requested.