Monday, 5 January 2015

A happy new year!

Happy new year to you all!!
I had been cleaning my spare room which was, and still is, a storage room.
I need to buy storage cabinets from Ikea soon!!

Then I hand "woven" this fabric "zouri", a traditional thong of Japan made with fabric tape.
Traditionally, it was woven with grass.
I don't like thong, so I've made it into a slipper.

Then I made new lunch box for my husband.
I've reused the zipper from the old one.

It has this cool sheet (?) to keep his lunch cool.

Then we watched the Hobbit 3 at Imax.

And now, I've started making new bag!
And at the same time I started getting orders!
Thank you for all your orders!
I'll start on them soon. ; )

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