Sunday, 21 November 2010

compack wallet for men

This is a compact type of wallet which can be used by men as well.

It has a leather back pocket.

It will fit smart rider card.

You can use it to carry your cards, coins and notes.

There are 2 small pockets for any nick nacks.

This is the second wallet I have made using an antique Hungarian linen which was hand died with "Kakishibu".

A leather pocket at the back.

Friday, 19 November 2010

3 more new clutch wallets

This is the folding wallet (palm size).

It has a coin pocket at the back.

The floral print fabric is from Liberty.

This is the clutch wallet which can be used as a shoulder bag.

One pocket at the back for ID, parking ticket, smart rider, etc.

2 zipper pockets, pen holder, and 20 card pockets.

This is the Rakugaki version using new batch of linen fabric.
The floral fabric is from Liberty.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

new clutch wallet

This is the clutch wallet made for my friend.

It has a back pocket for...

smart rider (travel card), or parking ticket, etc.

It has 2 zipper pockets inside with 3 in-between pocket spaces.
The narrow strip at the middle of the flap is the pen holder.

The first pocket space can be sealed by velcroe to store ipod, mobile, etc, and it has 2 small pockets.

The first zipper pocket has a divider inside, which was requested by my friend, to sort the notes into two sets.

The second zipper pocket has 12 card holders inside.

This is the second clutch wallet I have made, also for my friend.  The floral fabric is from the Liberty.

I have changed the back pocket shape a bit.

It has one zipper pocket (with the divider), and 20 card holders, 2 in-between pocket spaces, one pen holder, and 2 small pockets.

I will put a removable strap on them so they can be used as shoulder bags.

Friday, 5 November 2010

New sashiko purses

It will hold a total of 20 cards, and it has one zipper pocket at the centre and 2 pockets inside.

Here are the other designs I have made for the culture show at Japanese school on Sunday.