Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Short notice

Just a short note, that I've opted out from Facebook.
I was just too lazy to learn how to promote my page, and recently found that
the number of Likes can be faked!
As I rarely look at my personal account, there seemed no point keeping the account.
Anyhow, for those of you who had followed my facebook page,
 I thank you very much from bottom of my heart!
 I'll still keep updating this blog with my new items, 
so please come and visit me here sometime!


Thursday, 26 May 2016

sewing work in progress with my new storage

I'm making this ordered bag now,
and I am so happy with my new sewing storage that I had to share it here!

When I'm sewing, I pull out the top drawer

and take scissors, pins and things I need directly from here.
When I finish, I just close it and it won't be in my way.

The drawer will not drop even I pull it out this far.
Just love this!

I've reorganized the second drawer and put my name tags onto my favorite plate that was hand made by Naomi. 
Now back to work!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Broad bean shaped 5 way sling bag

Just made this bag with this retro chic fabric.

Back side with a zipper opening and a small pocket with a flap.

Zipper opens both way and is hidden with a flap.

It opens wide like this so it's really easy to pack and unpack.

I've added an additional front pocket here

for smart phones.
I've used velcro  instead of zipper to avoid scratching the phones.

You can hold the top strap to use like a tote,

make the strap short and use it as a shoulder bag,

or make the strap long and pull from both sides to use it as a back pack,

or sling it on your back,

or sling it to your side to make it a messenger bag.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

My new sewing storage with a dust box

Just made this new sewing storage system to fit between my working desks.
It looks like an antique wooden box, but it's made of cardboard!

I made 3 drawers to fit in this box,
and I made it so it will stay hanging onto the box while it's been pulled out like this.

I need to sort these drawers out sometime later with a divider,
but it can wait.

This storage system has a funny top which looks like

It is like a shoot.
The idea is that

you can slide rubbish to this narrow opening between 2 desks
and it will slide down into the

I've used it last night and it works great!!
Down side is that small sewing parts can end up in the bin if I'm not careful...

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

One furoshiki bag for the bazaar

Just made this furoshiki for the bazaar.
I've patched cut fabrics together to form 90cm x 90cm square cloth.

I've covered the back with this gorgeous kimono silk fabric.
I've also made a bag handle

which you can attach it to the furoshiki ends

to use it like a bag.
You can just use it as a cover, scarf, etc.