Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tulip bag with French linen

Just love this beautiful French linen fabric.
It's a bit hard to use as the print is pretty large.
You certainly can not use it to make a small bag.

Back side looks great too with two different flower print.

I've used this gorgeous leather.
The colour matches so well with the French linen.
It's dark brown but has a hint of purple in it.

I've used an antique lace around the zipper to add a bit of character here.

The handle is about 32cm long.
Not long but enough to put it on your shoulder.

Side strap can be used to wear the bag across your body, or

If you insert it through the centre, it will become a back sack.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sweet Deco Bag

I think the heat got to my brain.
I just had to make a bag with fake sweets!
So, I've designed a small size Tulip style granny boston,
and I've decorated it with my hand made fake sweets!

Very sweet looking bag with a cute red fabrics.
I've used brown leather for the centre tab and handles to add "chocolate" to the bag. ; )

This is the back side of the bag.
I've stitched my logo here.

This is the zipper pocket at the front.

The bag has side pockets on both side.
It will fit your mobile, ipod, etc.

This is the back pocket.
It will be quite handy to put parking ticket, travel pass, etc.

This ice cream zipper charm can be detached.

This is the front zipper charm and it has a biting mark!

An oreo, mini size, twisted apart with no cream at the back.
Fake of course.

A pink oreo mini size, twisted apart with cream at the back!
I know, there's no such thing as pink oreo, but I can make anything I want!

And, this is a big biscuit with cream and strawberry!

All these fake sweets (except for the zipper charms) are hand sewn onto the bag.

The bag seen from top.

Inside the zipper boston.
I've used variety of fabrics here to give it a very pop and cute touch!

W 28cm, H 20-30cm, D 9cm

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Finally finished the Brompton bag!

Tadaa! The front bag for the Brompton bicycle!
With this striking red strap!

Side strap is also red!
Very fashionable. ; )

No underlining inside, as my husband didn't want it because it will make the bag heavy.
I have attached 5mm thick foam at the bottom to make the bag keep its shape, but also keep it light.
I found it better to use foam for the bottom of the bag since it's lighter, and child safe.
The bottom corner of the bag can become dangerous to children.
No pockets inside as it will be used to carry his camping gear or fishing gear.

This is the shoulder pad to go with the bag.
It has 5mm thick foam inside as well.

An adjuster used on the strap.
Very unique but very useful idea by my husband.
It's so easy to change length of the strap.
You just hold on to the adjuster, and


He is quite happy now after a long tiresome demands.
Thank goodness!

Now this bag is to be used on the Brompton as well, so why not show it in action?

Well, if you insist.

This is the back side of the bag with the Brompton gear.
You attach this bottom part to the Brompton.

Like this.

Well, what do you think?
Quite cute isn't it?

You can carry your water bottle in the side pocket too!

Well, my husband is now ready to go out for a ride with the bag, but you just don't want to go out today...or tomorrow, or any day this week.
It's just toooooo hot!!!!
Have a cool week!

Please Note:
Thank you very much for so many of you requesting this bag!
However, this bag was designed only to be light weight
and I'm not very happy with how it turned out.
I believe this type of bag will need water proofing, and should use durable material.
But to make it water proof and to be durable, I need professional sewing machine.
Since I only use a normal sewing machine, I can't make satisfactory bag for Brompton.
Therefore, I'm very sorry but I have to decline your kind requests...
Thank you all, and hope you find a nice bag for your Brompton!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Wa fu Tulip bag

The second bag I have made, of this Tulip design.
I have used an antique Japanese kimono fabric.
The red stripe with gorgeous flower print is of Meisen silk kimono.
The blue stripe fabric is the linen kimono fabric which my mum got for me at Kurashiki.

when you put the strap through this leather tab,
you can use the bag as

a back sack.

I've changed a hock to this modern style.
The idea came to me in my dream!

Sorry not many words today as I am just too hot and tired...
A terrible thunder storm this morning in Perth.
It was very VERY close!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

my new tulip bag

This is the bag I was working on yesterday,
and it's now on Yahoo auction at a fixed price.

This is the back side of the bag.
I actually love this shape.
Quite complicated to make, but very interesting!

See there's a zipper right at the border from left to right?

Well, I don't need to tell you, but it's a zipper pocket!


Side pocket as usual, deeper with this new style, and wider too!
Very handy for a person who drinks a lot of water when traveling.

The front and back flap is fastened with this small circle hock.
If you don't see it, that's OK!
It's not the main feature anyway.

This black leather handle is the off cuts I got from a leather belt shop in the Freo market.
I just love this chunky-ness of this belt!

The back side has this secret pocket, and

A tulip pocket for your transport pass!

More pockets!!
The front flap opens to

an amazing 3 pockets!!
2 blue ones, and one on the flap.
Can't see it? 
Well, you will when you use it.

And, guess what,

More pockets!!
This is the inside of the back flap and it has one zipper pocket.

Now, who can guess what's coming next?

You've guessed it!

More pockets!!

There are total of 4 pockets in here.


that's all.


Did you just ask me why I put so many pockets in one bag?

Well, I put lot of pockets, because...

well.....   I can, and

it's nice to get organised, and..

well, it will test your memory!


Looks very nice on the shoulder,

looks casually nice like this too,

when you insert a strap through this leather tag at the back,

you can use this bag as...

a back sack!!

Well, hope you enjoyed the introduction to my new bag!
I'll be making more bags tomorrow
and will try to update it on this blog too.
If I don't, then check out my Japanese blog!
You may not understand what I write
but you can see what I did on the picture!