Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Real voices from Japan Fukushima

I have just read a shocking blog written by the Japanese lady who lived around Fukushima area.


This head belongs to a 42 year old lady
who looks very young still on her twitter picture.
She was a very active and healthy middle aged lady before 311.
I could not believe my eyes.

Her hair started to fall out since October last year.
In just 3 months, she has lost this much hair.
She now wears a wig.


This is the blog with picture of how suddenly, her teeth cracked.
She just had a bite on a rice cracker.
She had her teeth checked and were all healthy before 311.


This lady is the same lady who had lost her hair.
See how lovely her long hair is?
On this blog, she says that her toe nails became deformed.
When she touched her second toe of both feet,
nails came off....
She now wears bandage on them.

And, Japanese government are not very concerned.

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