Monday, 16 January 2012

my hand craft 2012

Sorry for not updating this English page for a while.
Not that I haven't been making anything, I just haven't made updating this blog as my habit yet.

I am still waiting for parts to come for the front bag of Brompton bicycle,
so I am making this new design bag now.
It will have my hand sewn Sashiko circles (above), and

Rakugaki! (scribble with fabrics)
Haven't been doing this Rakugaki for a while, but I just felt like doing it again.

This new bag has a very unique pockets!
This one will be a pocket for the inside, and

This is a curved zipper pocket for the outside!
I am working on it right now, and hopefully will finish it in a day or two.

This is an empty old pot we had stored in our storage room.
I think I'll seriously start planting veges this year.
(which I've been telling myself every year)
So, I've asked my hubby to move them to our back yard,
 and we've placed them here..

Right next to the garage where we'll be walking by everyday.
This will let me remember to water them!
A very good idea from my garden lover friend.
What I need now, is a good soil..... from compost?

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