Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Comfy after surgery clothes I made for my dog

Since the clothes I made last time wasn't stretching, it was limiting her movement.
So I've made another one for her, this time

using a knit fabric for her top part.
I've changed velcro to buttons as velcro made it bulky and uncomfortable for her.
The bottom bit is normal cotton fabric, but

the sleeves(?) are knit so she can stretch her legs.

It hides her scar but doesn't cover all the way
so she can go to toilet wearing it.
Her scar is healing very well wearing it than not wearing it,
as she isn't exposing it to dirt on the floor, not that my floors are dirty.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Weekend craft

I've started crochet last night while watching TV.
You can't really watch TV while learning the pattern, so I was just listening to it.
I'm trying to make a bolero with it..

And I've made an after surgery clothes for Mocha again!
Before she had the clothes on, she had a patch of red skin,.
After she had the clothes on, it healed completely!
This clothes idea is great!  She's much more happier with it than the cone.

Friday, 25 March 2016

More purses!

Made 4 more card case purses!
I'll be working on the drop shaped one next,
but since it's an Easter holiday,
I'll be cleaning my kitchen today.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Card case purse and dogwear

Just made this purse with the Liberty canvas cotton.


I've made a protective clothes for my dog.

It is open at the bottom area

but covers the stitches completely.
She looks so cute in it!

She wore this last night, and we both slept peacefully.
She's not licking the stitches at all even without it,
but wearing this means I don't need to be watching her constantly.
And she is very comfortable in it that she plays happily wearing it.
I may make a spare one just in case this one gets dirty.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

One new purse and my dog

I am now working on this type of purse.
This is the re-make requested by my customer.
I'll be making 5 more of this type, and then the drop shaped purse.


I wasn't able to concentrate on my craft work since last week.
The reason was that my dog,

wasn't feeling very well...
I took her to the vet, and found that she had a bladder stone.
She had stayed one night at the vet this Monday,
and she came back so happy and hungry the next day!
She ate a lot, drank a lot, played a lot and slept a lot,
and she is lively as ever!
I can't thank enough to our wonderful vet!

The stone was actually 4 big stones.
I just could not believe what I saw.
They are now sent away for an analysis, and will know in few weeks time what had caused these stones to form.
In the mean time, I'll be giving her lots of love!

Friday, 11 March 2016

Round shaped bag with an attached zipper purse

Just made this bag with a unique function.

Both surfaces, front and back, are hard, and
in between these hard surfaces are the purse and

this open space with card pockets and 2 gathered pockets.
You can store keys, smartphone, book, etc.

In the zipper purse is this divider zipper pocket, and 6 card pockets.
As for your coins,

you can put it in and take it out from this window

which opens wide like this.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Hard case accordion purse bag in Japanese prints

Just made this Japanese style purse bag.

I've changed the colour of coin pocket window.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Hard case accordion purse bag with the Liberty and stitches

Just made this hard case purse bag

Beautiful thick leather handle.

Back side has some stitches too.
and the middle window is

a coin pocket.

The purse opens wide like this

and it has 2 divider pockets, one a zipper and

another one a note pocket.

There are 12 card pockets.

You can carry it with the leather handle or

attach a strap and use it across your body or

make it short and use it as a shoulder bag.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Book like card case with purse in camo

Just made this book like purse in camo.

This card pocket with window will be very handy to use for your travel card.

There are 2 card pockets inside this card case.

You can store money cards in the pockets separating them from other point cards.

I put this amount of cards in the card case, and

it closes with ease.

Next to the card case is this zipper coin pocket.

I've put this amount of heavy coins here

and it ate them all with ease.

Next to the coin pocket is the note pocket.

I've changed it to 2 card pockets here.

Since I made surface of the note pocket hard, I have added gusset to the note pocket to make room inside the note pocket.

It has a divider inside for your convenience.