Wednesday, 23 March 2016

One new purse and my dog

I am now working on this type of purse.
This is the re-make requested by my customer.
I'll be making 5 more of this type, and then the drop shaped purse.


I wasn't able to concentrate on my craft work since last week.
The reason was that my dog,

wasn't feeling very well...
I took her to the vet, and found that she had a bladder stone.
She had stayed one night at the vet this Monday,
and she came back so happy and hungry the next day!
She ate a lot, drank a lot, played a lot and slept a lot,
and she is lively as ever!
I can't thank enough to our wonderful vet!

The stone was actually 4 big stones.
I just could not believe what I saw.
They are now sent away for an analysis, and will know in few weeks time what had caused these stones to form.
In the mean time, I'll be giving her lots of love!

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