Sunday, 6 March 2016

Book like card case with purse in camo

Just made this book like purse in camo.

This card pocket with window will be very handy to use for your travel card.

There are 2 card pockets inside this card case.

You can store money cards in the pockets separating them from other point cards.

I put this amount of cards in the card case, and

it closes with ease.

Next to the card case is this zipper coin pocket.

I've put this amount of heavy coins here

and it ate them all with ease.

Next to the coin pocket is the note pocket.

I've changed it to 2 card pockets here.

Since I made surface of the note pocket hard, I have added gusset to the note pocket to make room inside the note pocket.

It has a divider inside for your convenience.

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