Friday, 4 March 2016

Compact book like card case with purse

I had been asked if I can make more compact purse for people with only few point cards, and this is the purse I have come up with.
It is "book like" as it is hard on card case side

on the purse side.

This side with this windowed pocket is 

a card case and

it fits cards like this.

It is quite wide, so it fits quite a lot of cards.

Since the surface is hard, it is really easy to push out the travel card from this windowed pocket.

Next to the card case is this zipper coin pocket

and I put this amount of coins in here and

It just ate them all with ease!

Next to the coin pocket is the note pocket with a card pocket.

It hides your valuable card well.

Note pocket opens like this so it is easy to pick notes out.
I had to widen the note pocket as I made the outside surface hard.
If it didn't have the gusset, it will be really hard to get the notes out.

This purse is so compact, and as it is hard cased, it actually looks like you are just holding a card case.

If you put a neck strap to it and carry it like this, it doesn't look as if you have a purse hanging from your neck.
It would be quite convenient to have at work, when you go out to buy lunch.

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