Wednesday, 28 May 2008

pouches and bags and...

It has been too long since I last updated my blog.
It doesn't mean I haven't been making anything, Oh no!
Here are my recent works!
This is a mini pouch for digital camera, or for your mobile phone.
They are quite popular in Japan.
I have used an antique Hungarian linen to cross stitch "E".
(Don't ask me why "E", I just love Sajou alphabets)

And, this is the second one, with "O".

They are both in Yahoo Japan Auction now.

This is the mini bag and a pouch set I made using a modern cloth.

I just loved the boy scout design, and bought these sets of 5 fat 1/4s from Calico & Ivy ages ago.

Now that I have used them, I think I have done a good shopping! don't you think?

Oh, and this is my nex cross stitch work I am working on now.

This will be another one of my sewing box!

The previous sewing box (with red cross stitch) I put on Auction was quite popular, and the lady who won it could not believe she could have it so cheaply.

Well, I was happy to get what I got, so I was very pleased to hear that!

Finally, this is my new bag I will be working on today. The figure of the post modern lady is actually a stamp I got from the Craft show in Perth Convension centre last weekend.

I stamped it on the linen fabric using the black inkpad for fabrics.

The fabric to match it will be this antique fabric I got from England.

This stamp shop had loads of beautiful stamps which I have never seen before, and they were all from USA. She has HP as well, so if I want more, I can get it on net.

The link is,

It was closed when I went there last week, but keep trying until it opens again.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

This is the most recent shoulder bag I made.
The base fabric is an antique Hungarian linen, and I have used an antique feed sacks for the patchwork.
It is a fastner bag with opening of 2cm on both sides.
The strap is adjustable for long shoulder to a shoulder length.

Friday, 16 May 2008

sashiko bag

This is my recent item.
I have stitched sashiko stitch on the cotton canvas fabric,
and then decorated it with some feed sack fabrics.

This is the back side of the bag.

I stitched the same sashiko stitch on the pocket, and stack monkiri pattern next to it.

The bag opens with a zipper and has a leather shoulder strap.

Now, this is a totally different bag which I used an antique hungarian linen for the base, and played around with an antique feed sack fabrics.

I have stitched a small cross stitch at the front.

This is the back side of the bag.

I have stitched a feed sack patchwork pocket to put a pen and a memo pad.

This is my recent water colour painting.